What Month to Make the Purchase

When’s the best time to buy a car? Purchase a wedding gown? Stock up on candy? Lifehacker.com’s tips will help you save money on merchandise, from big to small.

You might already know that white sales are held in January, but if you’re wondering when to score deals on everything from cameras to cruises, lifehacker.com’s list of “The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011” is an indispensable, month-by-month money-saving guide.

Here are some of our favorite tips:


  • Air conditioners: It’s obviously not the season when they’re in demand, so you can usually get one for less.
  • Carpeting: You’ll start to see deals beginning in mid-December but prices drop the most in early January. Tax rebate time heralds the start of prime carpet-buying season, and thus an end to the low prices.


  • Tools: Makers of buzz saws and power drills tend to push their products early in the year.
  • Cameras: This is when new models are rolled out, so the old ones get marked down.


  • Luggage: Summer vacation is months away and makers need to move the merch.
  • Televisions: The fiscal year ends now for Japanese manufacturers, so what’s left in stock can be had for a song.


  • Cruises: Fewer travelers means lower prices.
  • Car accessories: Time to move old inventory and get ready for car repair season.


  • Patio furniture: Stores need to make room for brand-new models, so it’s a buyer’s market.
  • Vacuum cleaners: Ditto.


  • Large appliances: It’s floor model season, so you can often get a slightly dinged washer or dryer if you look.
  • Gym memberships: New Year’s resolution season is long gone.


  • Grills: Once July 4th is over, prices are slashed.
  • Furniture: July marks when stores make their big inventory push.


  • Laptops: Back-to-school sales are just kicking off.
  • Wine: Small producers often discount early in the harvest.


  • Cars: Dealers are looking at remainders from last year’s inventory and waiting for the arrival of next year’s fleet. Make an offer.
  • Lawnmowers: The last mowers to sell until the grass is green again are priced to move.


  • Jeans: What didn’t get sold in the back-to-school season is on sale now.
  • Toys: Manufacturers often try to kick-start the holiday season by luring buyers now.


  • Candy: Anything left over from Halloween is cheap this month.
  • Cookwear: Pots and pans get marked down in anticipation of the Christmas season.


  • Wedding dresses: Right before Christmas is the slow season in the bridal market.
  • Home theater equipment: The best deals are often in January, but it’s worth a trip to the electronics store to check prices now.

To find out the best time to a boat, a house, or sneakers, read “The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011” at lifehacker.com.

Source: lifehacker.com

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