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We've rounded up our favorite Word Power quizzes! Test your knowledge with these tricky definitions covering every topic.

Words Beginning A-M

What do an academic, a debacle, and a Miami Beach clambake have in common? They are words spelled with letters from only the first half of the alphabet, a to m—like all those in this quiz.

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Words Beginning N-Z

We’re visiting the likes of nuns, protons, sprouts, and soupspoons—words made exclusively from the second half of the alphabet, letters n to z.

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Spirited Vocabulary

After Prohibition went into effect in 1920, Americans suffered through a long dry spell—save for the occasional dip into the bathtub gin. We’re toasting the 101st anniversary with some spirited vocabulary.

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Words with Double Letters

What do fettuccine, football, grasshoppers, and a carryall have in common? If you think you’re seeing double, you’re right—each of those words contains two sets of repeated letters, as do all the words in this quiz.

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Words That Shine

Ready to look on the bright side? Let your word power shine with these words related to light.

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We’re throwing you a curveball with a vocabulary roundup of a circular nature. Can you roll with the roundhouses, or are you out of the loop? Give this quiz a whirl.

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Spiritual Matters

This contemplative quiz is full of words that refer to holy, soulful, or meditative practices. Once you’ve finished reflecting, test your knowledge by selecting the correct definition to the words in this quiz.

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