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Eat Well in Aisle Two: Shopping Healthy at the Grocery Store

Tips for eating well: Think Fresh. The most nutritious items, like produce, tend to be at the edges of the store. Start there. Ideally, you should wash all fruits and vegetables, but if you're in a rush, get ones you can peel (bananas, oranges), or look for pre-cut melon, pineapple, or other fruit. Go Green. Many stores have extensive salad bars, but not every option is healthy. Focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Instead of your usual romaine and chicken, experiment with edamame, sliced beets, dark greens, radicchio, sliced grapefruit, or black beans. Put dressing on the side and dip the tines of your fork before each bite, to cut calories. Hit the Deli. Ask for grilled vegetables or salmon on whole wheat bread or in a whole wheat wrap with mustard instead of mayonnaise. Smart Sides. If the store has a juice bar, get your beverage there. And don't skip dessert! A one-inch square of high-quality dark chocolate provides great pleasure (and many health benefits) with relatively few calories.