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Head Shot   Lauren Cahn

Lauren Cahn

location-pin New York Metropolitan Area

School: New York University

Expertise: knowledge, crime, history, British Royal family, riddles

Lauren Cahn

  • Among HuffPost's first invited bloggers and HuffPost Live's first on-camera panelists
  • Published in Mashed, Tasting Table, Eat This, Not That!, Just Great Lawyers, Grown and Flown, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Insider and Business Insider
  • Seasoned interviewer of celebrities, including Mario Lopez, Jerry O'Connell, chef David Burke, chef Antonia Lofaso and chef Guy Fieri


Lauren has covered knowledge, history, the British royal family, true crime and riddles for Reader's Digest since 2017. Having honed her research and writing skills as an attorney in the 1990s, she became one of HuffPost's first bloggers in the early 2000s, graduated to reporting hyperlocal news in the 2010s and has been researching and writing news and features for a wide variety of publications ever since. Aside from Reader's Digest, her work has appeared in Mashed, Tasting Table, Eat This, Not That!, Grown and Flown, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Insider, Business Insider and many others.


Tufts University
BA, English
New York University School of Law


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