Yes, Princess Diana’s Favorite Perfume Is STILL Available—and You Can Totally Afford It

Princess Di wore this timeless fragrance all the time, and we have good news: not only can you still find it, but you can probably afford it too!

Princess-Diana's-Favorite-Perfume-is-STILL-Available—And-You-Can-Totally-Afford-It-320538d-Kip-RanoREXShutterstockKip Rano/REX/Shutterstock
Princess Diana was known for a lot of things: Her charity work and compassion, her shy nature, and, of course, her permanent status as a fashion icon. But what fragrance would you smell if you were lucky to be in her royal presence? According to sources close to her, a mix of orange blossom, gardenia, peaches, and amber.

And apparently, she never left home without it.

“She always, always, always wore fragrance,” her former makeup artist Mary Greenwell told ABC News. “It’s kind of the final touch of beauty, walking out smelling divine and chic and individual.”

The perfume in question is Hermès 24 Faubourg ($140, Nordstrom), which, according to Hermès’s in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena is “perfume in the absolute. An explosion of white flowers, enveloping warmth, captivating sensuality.”

It wasn’t the only scent Princess Di wore. On her wedding day, the bride-to-be walked down the aisle of St. Paul’s Cathedral wearing Quelques Fleurs ($140, Nordstrom), a floral scent featuring a mix of tuberose, rose, and jasmine.

The late-royal’s daughter-in-law Kate Middleton would follow in Diana’s floral footsteps. When she married Princess William, Kate Middleton wore Illuminum’s White Gardenia Petals, a $150 perfume.

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