This Easy Ice Cube Hack Will Remove All the Wrinkles from Your Clothes

No iron needed!

ice cubeAlexander-Khoruzhenko

A crisp, lightly starched, freshly pressed shirt may not be the centerpiece of a particularly stunning ensemble. But a wrinkled, crumpled, ragged shirt can make an otherwise dapper outfit look like a paint-plastered pair of overalls. With most clothes, ironing makes a world a difference. 

But ironing also comes with—how do you say it—a labor requirement. There are no auto-irons, and that’s probably for the best. But there is an easy way to enjoy the same crisp results with a fraction of the effort and no iron at all. All you need is some wrinkled clothes, a dryer, and some ice cubes. (We bet you didn’t know these mind-blowing facts about doing laundry, either.)

Take a few articles of clothing, preferably of the lighter variety (dress-shirt or t-shirts), three or four ice cubes, and toss them in your dryer. (This can be done with a pair of pants and a shirt, but don’t go overboard with the heavier clothing and do not load the dryer to capacity.) Close it shut and crank it the highest heat setting. (Just be sure to brush up on these ways not to ruin your clothes in the laundry first.) 

Now, let the dryer run its course for about 10 or so minutes. In that time, the blasting heat will melt the ice cubes and then evaporate the water, turning your dryer into a steamer—and your wrinkled shirt into something that resembles one fresh from the cleaners. 

[Source: Lifehacker / PopSugar]

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