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10 Fresh Pumpkin Recipes You’ve Never Tried Before

Get creative in the kitchen with tangy pickled pumpkin, soft pumpkin cookies, and more fresh pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin Pickles

Ever tried pickling pumpkins? Warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, and black peppercorns add depth to the sweet, tangy brine. Get the recipe »

Pumpkin Griddle Cakes

Fresh or canned pumpkin adds fiber to these filling cakes, which can be served sweet or savory for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get the recipe »

Potato and Pumpkin Gratin

A bubbling, baked casserole of potato, pumpkin, and Parmesan cheese: what could be better on a cold winter’s night? Get the recipe »

Cheese Tortellini with Pumpkin and Ricotta

Dress up grocery staples with powefully nutritious pumpkin or butternut squash for an easy, warm, hearty fall or winter meal. Get the recipe »

No-Bake Pumpkin Pie With Gingersnap Crust

When the kitchen gets so busy, you’ll appreciate this quick-fix dessert that comes together with pudding and, if you like, fresh pumpkin puree. Get the recipe »

Pumpkin and Corn Risotto

This vibrant, golden yellow vegetarian risotto looks appealing, tastes like fall, and—shh—is packed with healthy beta-carotene and fiber. Get the recipe »

Soft Pumpkin Cookies

If you love pumpkin pie, you’ll find these treats irresistible. Made with pantry ingredients, you can swap the pumpkin puree for fresh pumpkin that’s been cooked, mashed, and cooled. Get the recipe »

Tarragon and Pumpkin Scones

Savory scones call for tarragon and a hint of Parmesan cheese to help enhance the pumpkin flavors. Get the recipe »

Fresh Pumpkin Tartlets

These individual tarts only look complicated; they mostly call for easy supermarket ingredients like premade phyllo dough. Get the recipe »

Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Rolls With Honey & Pumpkin Seeds

Whole-wheat flour and pumpkin puree add antioxidants and fiber to these savory table rolls; pumpkin seeds add minerals and a tasty crunch. Use mashed cooked fresh pumpkin, cooled, in place of the puree when pumpkins are freshest. Get the recipe »

Originally Published in Vegetables for Vitality