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22 Delicious Pancake Mix-ins

Make your favorite pancakes extra delicious with these fun, unexpected mix-ins.

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The king of breakfast meats doesn’t have to just go alongside pancakes—add cooked, chopped pieces to the batter, or pour batter over whole slices of cooked bacon in the skillet.

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Add shredded carrots, cinnamon, and vanilla extract to batter for a healthy take on carrot cake (and of course, cream cheese would be a great topping).

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Orange Juice

Add a splash of OJ to your pancake batter for a citrusy kick, or mix in a spoonful of zest.

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Chocolate Chips

Almost any pancake can benefit from the addition of chocolate chips…and there’s no reason to stop there. Chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and cocoa powder all make great mix-ins or toppers.

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Butterscotch Chips

If you’re already a connoisseur of chocolate chip pancakes, add a handful of butterscotch chips to mix up your sweet pancake routine.

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Substitute yogurt (regular or Greek, plain or flavored) for the milk or buttermilk in your favorite pancake recipe (or boxed mix). If the batter seems too thick, thin with a splash of water.

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Corn Kernels

A handful of corn kernels (frozen or fresh) makes for a surprisingly sweet pop in pancakes—both savory and sweet versions. You can also try subbing in cornmeal for part of the flour.

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Don’t stop at fresh or frozen fruit—dried fruit, like raisins, make great pancake mix-ins too.

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Blueberries are expected, but not their fruity counterparts like peaches. Use fresh, frozen, or canned varieties.

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And if all you want is a little twist, add a few banana slices to a half cooked pancake on the griddle…easy, classic, and delicious.

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Shredded Cheese

What isn’t better with cheese? Pancakes most definitely are. Add a sprinkle of cheese to the batter and serve with maple syrup or a more savory topping, like a fried egg.

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Add dried or fresh, grated ginger to your batter, along with winter spices like cardamom and cinnamon, for a warming kick.

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Ricotta Cheese

Creamy ricotta can play both sweet and savory when it comes to pancakes. Add a dollop to the batter for extra light, fluffy cakes, or top finished pancakes with a spoonful of cheese, a drizzle of honey, and freshly ground black pepper.

Editor’s Tip: Imagine thick, fluffy, delicious pancakes that you don’t even have to flip. Here’s how this popular TikTok pancake hack worked out in real life.

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Why not? Simply sub eggnog for the milk called for in your pancake recipe, and you’ll have a sweet holiday breakfast.

Or try these eggnog-cranberry pancakes from Taste of Home.

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Instead of serving links on the side, stir cooked, chopped pieces or thin slices into the batter.

Or try these Sausage Apple Pancakes from Taste of Home.

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Peanut Butter

Swirl creamy or crunchy peanut butter into your batter…and serve with a topping of jelly!

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Fresh or frozen raspberries make a bright addition to any pancake.

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Add a handful of chopped spinach to pancake batter and serve with a savory sauce (like mayo or yogurt spiked with spices). For festive all-green pancakes, blend the batter and spinach in a blender first.

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Almonds in any form—chopped, extract, flour, amaretto syrup—make regular pancakes seem elegant. Just add a small amount to the batter.

Or try these almond and blueberry pancakes from Taste of Home.

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Sliced Pear

Go autumnal with thinly sliced pears—pour batter into the griddle, top with pears, and then flip.

Or try these Country Pear Puff Pancakes from Taste of Home.

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Thin slices of tomato in a pancake might seem strange, but think of them as a take on fried (green or not) tomatoes—a little bit of starch around a sweet, juicy bite.

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Stir in a big spoonful of pumpkin puree to a batch of batter for a dash of color, autumn flair, and healthy beta carotene. (Add a dash of pumpkin pie seasoning for pumpkin pie pancakes.)

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