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5 Flash Mob Videos That Will Brighten Your Day

Sometimes all you need is a little spontaneous song and dance to make you smile. So here you go: The best flash mobs of all time, from around the world, appearing in the most unexpected places.

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On the Train

Passengers boarding the Copenhagen subway on a run-of-the-mill weekday are greeted with the sweet sounds of a flute, shortly joined by a fully fledged symphony orchestra. Watch the passengers’ faces as they listen to the music during this unforgettable train ride.

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In the Airport

An a cappella group takes over the arrivals gate at London’s Heathrow Airport for a massive welcome home. Here’s how much money Youtubers make.

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In the Middle of a Test

To help relieve the stress during an exam for the incoming first-year engineering students at the University of Toronto, a professor teams up with upperclassmen to perform a spoof of Les Miserables‘ “One Day More.”

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In the Hospital

A classical music flash mob swarms the lobby at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Composed of students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the group of 40 musicians play Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker while a ballet dancer performs for delighted patients, family, and staff.

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On a Lunch Break

Unsuspecting shoppers get a big surprise while enjoying their lunch when over 100 participants descend on this mall food court.

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