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7 Funny Common Stereotypes at a Restaurant

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

In a weekly blog called "In the Weeds" for frothygirlz.com, Kansas City waitress Charity Ohlund describes her favorite customer stereotypes.

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If you are a pack of females…

…You want separate checks. And I don’t mean split evenly by the number of people. I mean split down to the exact number of Diet Cokes with lime each person consumed. And if eight gals order a $14 appetizer to share, that needs to be split into $1.75 each. If you are a pack of females over age 55, I’m near tears. You want all of the above, plus you’re going to complain about every … single … thing.

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If you look like you have an eating disorder…

…You do. Beautifully skinny model types move their food around the plate for two hours, or they devour the whole porterhouse and head to the ladies’ room immediately.

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If you are European…

…you are a horrible tipper. Accent = 10 percent. Always.

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If you are a young couple out on a date…

…You are going to pretend to be torn about what to order when you know and I know it’s going to be the filet (medium well) and mashed potatoes. Split.

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If you order a Zinfandel…

…and I ask, ‘Red or white?’ and you look at me with an annoyed face and say, ‘Pink,’ I go tell the other servers and we laugh.

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If you have a food allergy…

…You will talk about it in great detail and then each time I set a new plate in front of you, you will ask me if I remembered your food allergy.

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If you are a woman who has climbed your way into the higher levels of corporate success…

…and you are hosting a business dinner, you will not tip as well as a corporate man hosting the same style dinner. I don’t know why. Please enlighten me.

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