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6 Ways Apples Have Been Used to Predict Love

Check out these funny ways young ladies used to use apples to discover their future spouse from the book “Superstitions.”

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To find out your love’s initial: “If someone peels an apple in one piece and throws it over his or her shoulder or head, it will fall in the shape of a future love’s initial.”

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To have a dream about your future love: Stick “18 pins into a golden apple…tying (your) left garter around it, and placing it under (your) pillow at night.”

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To see a vision of your love: “Eating an apple in front of a mirror by the light of the candle was supposed to cause the image of you future love to appear in the mirror as if he was looking over your shoulder.”

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To find out which way your love will approach: “Squeeze a seed between your fingers, and observe where it flies out.”

Or, “you can throw a seed in the air and let it fall to the ground or simply shake it between your cupped hands. Your love will come from the direction in which the seed points.”

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To find out if he will propose: Name two seeds, one for yourself, one for your lover and toss them into a fire, if they “fly off in different directions, there will be no romantic relationship. If the seed burn together without flying off, the man will never propose. If they both fly off the same side…the pair will marry.”

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If you can’t decide between potential suitors: Stick a bunch of apple seeds to your face “each named for one of the lovers…the last seed to fall off represents the person who loves you wholeheartedly.”

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