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The 11 Best Beach Umbrellas That Won’t Blow Away This Summer

These best beach umbrellas are sturdy, stylish and offer so much shade.

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The 11 Best Beach Umbrellas For Summer That Won't Blow AwayVIA MERCHANT

Heading to the beach? There are a few things you should never leave home without. Of course, you know you’ll need the right bathing suit and face sunscreen. And then, of course, you’ll need the best gear to keep you comfy, including a beach towel and beach chair. But if you don’t have a source of ample shade yet, you’ll need to shop the best beach umbrella options. Anyone who could use a little break from the sun’s heat or UV rays (and that would be everyone) needs one of these sun shaders.

When it comes to finding the right umbrella, anchors are key. Beyond that, there’s ease of setup, portability, UPF protection, style and fun bells and whistles, like mini built-in tables, smart places to stash your essentials and towel hooks. And you might find that you don’t want a traditional umbrella at all but a beach tent or portable gazebo. If that sounds like a lot to think about, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered—literally and figuratively.

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All In One Beach Umbrella System
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All-in-One Beach Umbrella System

Nothing’s worse than setting up an unruly umbrella at a beach destination. Luckily, this all-in-one beach umbrella system has you covered (literally) and sets up in less than five minutes. An anchoring base attaches to the pole, which comes with towel hooks. Simply fill it with sand to keep the umbrella in place. It even withstands winds up to 44 mph, which is ideal as it won’t blow away or turn inside out—it boasts an American Life Guard Association Endorsement for withstanding wind.

“By day two of vacation, all of our families’ umbrellas were broken and we were the only ones still standing with absolutely no issues at all,” raves five-star reviewer, David Dawson. “We were so happy we bought two more!”

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Beach Shade Cordless Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Beach Shade Cordless

Shade that requires no deep poles or twisting into tough sand? Allow us to introduce you to the Beach Shade. It has a near-perfect 4.9-star average rating on Amazon and provides shade for up to six adults. Just push the poles through the fabric, stake it in and you’ll have 140 feet of shade. It also comes with a convenient storage bag with a strap for easy carrying when it’s time to hit the best beach in your state.

Emma Hengst, a verified purchaser, is on her second Beach Shade. “I can attest to the longevity of this product, as long as you take care of it,” she explains. “It will last you for the long haul and is worth the investment. Not only are you getting a great product, but you’re supporting a wonderful small business.”

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Impact Canopy 8-Foot Beach Umbrella
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Rainbow Beach Umbrella

This rainbow-colored beach umbrella from Impact Canopy screams summertime. If your beach trips involve meeting up with friends and family, you’ll need an umbrella they can spot through the crowds. There’s no way anyone will miss this 8-foot option. Windproof and sturdy with an adjustable tilt, it’s surprisingly lightweight and comes with a bag with a shoulder strap. And did we mention just how big it is? Even if you’re spending the day solo, be prepared to make friends, since this will get you lots of attention.

Verified buyer, Andrew Brown, says he can’t believe he found this beach essential. “My in-laws bought two umbrellas identical to this 15 years ago. They are still holding up strong!” he writes. “I ordered one knowing it will last!”

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10 Foot Solar Powered Umbrella
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Solar-Powered Umbrella

This Best Choice Products beach umbrella boasts several impressive features. It’s easily adjustable, thanks to a crank lift and tilt feature, so you can get just the right coverage while relaxing. Tiny, solar-powered lights under the canopy offer extra visibility day and night. Reviewers love the “ambiance” of the solar-powered lights during summer evenings outdoors. As a weather- and rust-resistant polyester canopy, this pick will last multiple seasons.

We were replacing an old umbrella and this one is perfect,” writes Julie R., a five-star reviewer. “It is larger than our old one and it offers great protection from the sun while sitting at the table. The solar lighting is a great addition to this umbrella and it is just enough to offer a perfect amount of light at night.”

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Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent Deluxe Xl
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Extra-Large Tent with Extendable Floor

No one wants to fidget with an umbrella or stress about whether it will stay up, especially with kids around. That’s where this beach tent from Pacific Breeze Products comes in. It’s the ideal option for full sun coverage that’s also roomy enough for your family. The extra-large beach tent actually folds down to travel size and only weighs 6 pounds. Don’t be fooled—its small size doesn’t impact its stability, as it boasts five sand pockets and four stakes to keep it exactly where you put it. Pockets on the inside store and protect your essential items from the heat. This beach tent also works for any beach camping excursions you’re planning this summer.

Verified purchaser, J. Shepherd, bought this tent to upgrade an old Columbia one. “It takes me less than five minutes to set up,” they write. “It withstood 20 mph winds one day with just the sand bags keeping it in place. And I did not have the kids expressing their impatience waiting for me to play with them. Wins all around.”

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Sport Brella Versa Umbrella
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Clip-On Umbrella

Bigger isn’t always better. If it’s just you and the sun, the 40-inch-by-42-inch, 1.8-pound Versa-Brella gets the job done. Clip this affordable option right onto your chair for instant shade. The umbrella fabric is also highly durable to withstand the elements, and it features an adjustable swivel and strong clamp. You don’t even have to use it at the beach—turn it into a work-from-home station right outside on your patio.

One of my favorite things I’ve ever bought,” says five-star reviewer, Natali Terreri. “I use [it] when I work on my laptop outside to shade my laptop while still being able to sit in the sun. It’s super adjustable and I love that I can move it around and attach it to a table, a chair or a railing, depending on where the sun is. Fantastic and durable product.”

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Tiki Umbrella
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Tiki Umbrella

Technically, this one is better suited for poolside lounging. But if you wish you were in the tropics rather than in your backyard, this tiki-style umbrella is incredibly well constructed and fun. The canopy is made of artificial thatch nylon with UV protection while the pole is constructed from steel and fiberglass. Plus, the straw fringe gives it a cool island vibe that’s sure to stand out.

Verified purchaser, Jessica Rose, bought this tiki umbrella and a typical fabric one. “We had a huge storm coming through with 70 mph winds, and a tornado warnings all around us,” she writes. “My fabric umbrella [was] shredded the next morning, and this one didn’t even lose a tassel. I replaced the fabric one with a second one of these. It went through the 100-degree days last summer and crazy winds without any issues.”

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Double Camping Chair With Umbrella
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Double Camping Chair with Umbrella

If you’re looking for a spot to share, this umbrella set comes with two chairs and a built-in cooler. Every piece fits into the included carrying bag, which weighs 26 pounds pounds with everything packed in. And if you want to bring the umbrella along solo, it easily detaches from the set. It also works for life beyond the beach, like camping trips and sideline-cheering at kids’ sports games.

Five-star reviewer, Kat, loves how easy it is to install the chair. “The cooler is bigger than we expected,” she adds. “We put our 1-year-old in it and she uses it as a seat between us (of course unzipped). But we have used it as a cooler and it works great. All the other parents are jealous of ours!”

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Qipi Beach Cabana
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Beach Cabana

One of the best beach umbrellas for large families, this beach cabana is a superb option that offers a gazebo-like feel. Thanks to an easy push-up installation, a locking mechanism, sand pegs and anchors, it’s easy to set up and won’t fly off in the wind. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing beachside at a five-star resort every time you bring this beach cabana along. It also weighs just over 2 pounds, so it won’t be a pain to carry across the sand.

I love, love, love this umbrella,” raves Kathleen K. Griffin, a verified buyer. “I live five minutes walking distance from the beach and I can easily put this over my shoulder and walk to the beach with it. This is a great purchase and I am going to buy another one. I also love how easy it is to put up. Took me no more than two minutes… so easy! Oh, and you do not need two people to put this up!”

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Beach Umbrella With Built In Table
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Beach Umbrella with Built-In Table

Why didn’t we get one of these sooner?! This super-convenient 7-foot beach umbrella includes a table around the center of the pole that has two built-in cup holders. The blue striped canopy, which has UPF 50+, has an air vent design to allow for airflow for better stability. It comes with a carrying bag and separate sand anchor to make sure you have everything you need for an easy, breezy day at the shore.

“I ordered several umbrellas so that I could check them out in person. This was by far the best in its price category,” says Betty Baker, a verified buyer. “It’s very well constructed, easy to operate and fairly light to carry.”

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Super Brella Canopy Umbrella
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Super-Brella Canopy Umbrella

The cross between a tent and an umbrella, this hybrid beach umbrella-tent option sits closer to the ground, so it won’t become airborne quite as easily as a traditional umbrella. A wire frame, stakes and a tie-down cord also help keep the shelter secure. Assembly is fast and only takes one person to set up, and pockets on the inside store your goods and keep them away from the heat. With UPF 50+ protection, this a family-friendly umbrella that keeps everyone safe and staying cool.

Even if you’re not heading to the beach anytime soon, the canopy is an outdoor essential. Jessica Richardson, a verified purchaser, writes,”We fit an entire 6- to 7-year-old soccer team of eight under one of these during a game on a hot day with no shade. It was a lifesaver!”

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