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18 Best Books for Grandparents to Read to Their Grandchildren

Snuggle up and settle in! There's no greater comfort than being read to by Nana or Gramps. Here are the best books to read to grandkids in every age group.

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Grandma Wishes: Children's Board Book (Love You Always) Via

Age Baby to 1: Grandma Wishes

Did you know there’s a special Grandma Star that only grandmothers can wish upon? This sweet story features bright and delightful illustrations of woodland creatures sure to captures a baby’s heart. Little ones learn about the love that comes from Grandma and all the hopes she has for their future. Check out the story of this tech-savvy grandma found the secret to staying close to grandkids who live far away.

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Grandpa's Wish List: Children's Board Book (Love You Always)Via

Age Baby to 1: Grandpa’s Wish List

Follow Grandpa Badger as he makes a list of all the wishes he has for his new grandchild. This strong and sturdy board book brims with colorful drawings that babies will adore. And Grandpa will love the sentiment about getting ready for the new addition.

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Look, Look! Via

Age Baby to 1: Look Look!

Babies adore looking through this board book’s high contrast illustrations which are perfect for stimulating their imagination and inspiring an early love of learning. Black-and-white cut-out pictures offer cheer and interest while red words like “smile” and “children” engage and delight.

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Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa (Hardcover)Via

Age 2 to 3: Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa

Experience beautiful illustrations and beloved characters in this story about little Llama’s first night away from home. Gram and Grandpa show that an overnight trip is full of comfort and love and everything little ones need to feel safe and secure.

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Grandpa and Me (Lift-The-Flap Book (Little Simon))Via

Age 2 to 3: Grandpa and Me

Toddlers love to “lift-the-flaps” in this book series that allows them to discover new illustrations. You’ll adore your grandchild’s delight in this interactive story about making a pizza with Grandpa. If you want your grandchild to listen to some stories on their own, here’s a list of free audiobooks for kids they’ll love.

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Grandma Loves You!Via

Age 2 to 3: Grandma Loves You

Get ready for sweet bunnies, turtledoves, and lovely watercolor illustrations. Total sweetness awaits in this rhyming story about a Grandmother’s deep and enduring love for the new little grand-bunny.

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The Hello, Goodbye WindowVia

Age 4 to 5: The Hello, Goodbye Window

Return again and again to this beautiful tale about Nanna and Poppy’s “magic” kitchen window. Their grandchild experiences the wonders of the world by peering through the window in this gorgeously illustrated picture book that children love.

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Just Grandma, Grandpa, and Me (Little Critter) (Pictureback(R)) Via

Age 4 to 5: Just Grandma, Grandpa, and Me

Mercer Mayer’s classic Little Critter books delight children with their adorable and distinctive illustrations. In this edition, the Little Critter experiences a fun day out and about with each of his grandparents.

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Grandpa's Little OneVia

Age 4 to 5: Grandpa’s Little One

Billy Crystal wrote this sweet story about a grandpa’s love for his granddaughter. Vivid illustrations capture birthday party adventures. Crystal’s sweet words are sure to pull heartstrings and provide a few laughs along the way.

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How to Babysit a Grandma and a Grandpa boxed setVia

Age 6 to 7: How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa

This charming boxed set contains two beloved babysitting guides—one for each grandparent. Instructions include how to keep grandma busy: have a costume parade! And snack ideas for grandpa include “olives served on fingertips.” These books are filled with so many ways to have a ton of fun watching over grandparents while the parents are away.

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You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read TogetherVia

Age 6 to 7: You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You

This cozy book comes from the Very Short Stories to Read Together series, so it’s perfect for grandkids who are just starting to read on their own. The book’s words are color-coded so you can take turns with your grandchild and read ending lines together. Cute illustrations and fun rhymes help foster a love of reading.

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Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers Via

Age 6 to 7: Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers

Meet red-headed Katie who has two Scottish grannies who are different as can be. One is a mainland sophisticate, while the other loves hard work on her island farm. Katie will help bridge the gap in this delightful series with charming illustrations.

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Charlotte's Web (Hardcover)Via

Age 8 to 9: Charlotte’s Web

This childhood classic is perfect for the grandchild ready to read a novel with you chapter by chapter. Wilbur is a farmyard pig who thinks his fate is sealed. Along comes the mesmerizing and wise spider Charlotte to change his life forever. Sweet and heartrending, it’s an enduring tale children love. Don’t miss these 11 early reading habits that make young kids love books.

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The Secret Garden (Illustrated with Interactive Elements) Via

Age 8 to 9: The Secret Garden

Return to a literary classic with this interactive edition of The Secret Garden. Enticing artwork and graphics accompany the sweet story of three children who bond over a hidden sanctuary in nature that helps them heal. Visit the huge English manor where young Mary is sent after she’s orphaned. She can hear mysterious, faraway cries at night—and finding the source will kick off adventure and healing.

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Grandpa's Great Escape Via

Age 8 to 9: Grandpa’s Great Escape

David Williams’ excellent novels depict the adventures and derring-do of grandparents. Check out Gangsta Granny, as well. In this story, Jack’s Grandpa starts to get forgetful and is placed in an old folk’s home run by a meanie. Time for Jack to help his Grandpa escape from the Twilight Towers. Perfect reading for the grandkid who longs for action.

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Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryVia

Age 10 to 11: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Grandpa Joe finally gets out of bed to accompany his grandson Charlie on a tour of the candy factory run by the famed Willy Wonka. Inside they meet the very wise Oompa-Loompas and a bevy of naughty children, all while experiencing the delights, trials, and tests of Wonka’s mysterious factory. You’ll love reading it with a curious and adventurous grandkid.

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Anne of Green Gables (Legend Classics)Via

Age 10 to 11: Anne of Green Gables

This classic novel remains popular and beloved, thanks in part to the Netflix series. Your grandchild will likely relate to the optimistic and plucky Anne. She’s sent to a set of foster guardians, a brother, and sister, who expected a boy to help work their farm. They try to send Anne back, but she’s simply not the kind of child anyone can send away.

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Anne of Green Gables (Legend Classics)Via

Age 10 to 11: Watership Down

When your grandchild is ready for an epic story filled with suspense and adventure, read this beloved novel together. The story takes place in a warren of rabbits, each of them mythic and heroic characters. They face conflict and obstacles as they embark on a journey for a new home.

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