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20 Best Laundry Baskets and Hampers for Every Need

Updated: Apr. 24, 2024

Hold everything! Laundry day just became so much easier thanks to these laundry baskets and hampers.

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20 Best Laundry Baskets And Hampers Ft
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Like any chore, laundry is so much easier when you have the right equipment, along with the best laundry detergents and the best-smelling laundry detergents. Sure, you can carry an armful of clothes back and forth from your washing machine, but having the best laundry basket for the job can make doing laundry so much less cumbersome.

“Laundry baskets and hampers help make a sometimes daunting chore a bit easier,” says Sarah Karakaian, host of the Thanks for Visiting podcast. “They’re also great for getting you organized and keeping your home tidier.” Here are some of the best uses for a laundry basket.

You already know how to separate laundry and how to do laundry, so complement those skills by choosing a laundry basket and hamper that will help you get the job most done efficiently for your needs. “Look for features that take your lifestyle into consideration,” Karakaian suggests. “Think about your storage space, how much laundry you do, and how far you have to carry your laundry. The best laundry basket and the best hamper are the ones that work best for you.”

And while you may want to place hampers in multiple rooms to keep family members from throwing their laundry on the floor, there’s nothing wrong with using the same basket to transport both dirty and clean clothes to and from the laundry room, according to Karakaian. “A good wipe down is all it takes between dirty clothes and clean laundry.”

How we chose the best laundry baskets and hampers

To find the best laundry baskets and hampers, we researched expert recommendations, then read hundreds of verified reviews to see which laundry carriers stood out, and why. Here are our picks for the best laundry baskets and hampers for different needs, from wheeled laundry baskets to collapsible hampers. And while you’re doing laundry, be sure to use the best dryer sheets and the best dryer balls.

Sand And Stable Bamboo Rectangular Laundry Hamper via wayfair.com

Best laundry hamper with lid: Sand & Stable Bamboo Rectangular Laundry Hamper

With hundreds of five-star reviews, this bamboo laundry hamper gets high marks for its large capacity, minimalist aesthetic, and the fact that it has a separate lid. The lid hides laundry away but can be removed so kids don’t have an excuse for not tossing their dirty clothes into the hamper. Julia, a verified buyer, says, “A perfect addition to our bathroom, and I love that the liner can be washed.”

Sterilite Ultra Easy Carry Hamper Ecomm via amazon.com

Best overall laundry basket: Sterilite Ultra Easy Carry Hamper

This is the best laundry basket for most people because it’s durable, easy to carry, and holds about two loads of laundry at once. The generously sized classic white laundry basket also features ventilated sides to keep dampness at bay. With nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, it’s an Amazon’s Choice product. “Amazing quality, great price!” raves one verified shopper. “I honestly can’t believe these are this cheap! I have five children, so this set of four worked perfectly. You won’t find a better deal—trust me, I searched!” Another buyer said it was “just right for hauling laundry two floors.” If only deciding between liquid vs. powder detergent was this easy!

Sterilite Rectangular Lifttop Laundry Hamper via amazon.com

Best overall hamper: Sterilite Rectangular LiftTop Laundry Hamper

It’s not surprising that Sterilite also makes the best laundry hamper—another Amazon’s Choice with more than 2,150 five-star reviews praising its size, quality, and looks. “These are the perfect size hampers. Not too large, not too small,” writes a verified shopper. “With a four-pack, everyone can have their own, and they fit in the closet without taking up a lot of space.” Another reviewer calls it an “awesome laundry sorting tool,” sharing, “I keep these four baskets in the laundry room, and now everybody sorts their dirty clothes into whites, darks, colors, and towels. No more random baskets or people dropping things all over the floor because they ‘didn’t know.'” Speaking of, this lights and darks laundry hamper is another perfect option if you want more efficiency separating your whites, darks, and colors.

Handy Laundry Mesh Pop Up Laundry Hamper Ecomm via amazon.com

Best mesh hamper: Handy Laundry Mesh Pop Up Laundry Hamper

“A mesh bag will help your dirty laundry breathe if anything is damp,” says Karakaian. With close to 30,000 five-star reviews, this mesh hamper is the one to beat. It not only holds a ton, but it also has strong handles for carrying, and it can be folded flat for travel or storage. “The mesh-ventilated sides means dirty uniforms and other lightweight gear like sweaty headbands and stinky socks can be thrown in without worrying that weird bacteria will ferment and grow before wash day,” says grateful mom Melanie Gilbert. “I haven’t owned a plastic washbasket in years,” admits another reviewer. “Honestly, is there any home that doesn’t have at least a couple of these? They’re so useful. Having one in each bedroom is so much better than buying some expensive cutesy hamper that doesn’t let damp clothing dry out.”

Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper via amazon.com

Best laundry basket on wheels: Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper

When you need to travel, a laundry basket on wheels can make life so much easier, and this Amazon’s Choice hamper in particular is a fan favorite, with more than 3,000 five-star reviews. Made of sturdy plastic, the hamper has a lid,  a retractable handle for pulling it, smooth gliding wheels, and air vents. User Michael F. Harrington Sr., whose laundry room is in a detached garage, writes, “These are great for hauling your laundry to and from the laundry room.” E. Lieberman agrees, saying, “Wonderful product—the roomy hamper holds lots of clothes. We use a common laundry in our condo, so being able to wheel the cart down the hall is really convenient.”

Smart Design Deluxe Mesh Pop Up 3 Compartment Laundry Sorter Hamper Baske via amazon.com

Best collapsible hamper: Smart Design Deluxe Mesh Pop Up 3 Compartment Laundry Sorter Hamper Basket

“This one is super portable whether you’re heading to the laundromat or sending a child off to college with it,” says Karakaian. An Amazon’s Choice product, it holds up to six loads of laundry yet folds flat for storage. “This is a genius item,” raved Bianca C, one of the hundreds of five-star reviewers. “The mesh is sturdy and the fact that you can fold it up and store it is awesome.”

Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Ba via amazon.com

Best hanging hamper: Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag

For those who don’t have floor space, this Amazon’s Choice is sleek and surprisingly roomy. It can hang in a closet or even over a doorknob, and many reviewers shared photos of multiple bags hung in their laundry room. “These laundry sacks are amazing, and they helped completely transform my laundry room!” writes Lacey Ogden, one of more than 3,000 five-star reviewers. “I love that they have a zipper down the back so you can easily unload the dirty clothes into the wash! The bags can also be washed super easily. I cannot say enough how great these bags are—especially for the price!”

Sterilite White Laundry Basket via amazon.com

Best lightweight laundry basket: Sterilite White Laundry Basket

Karakaian describes this ventilated plastic laundry basket as “simple, lightweight, and perfect for nearly every household.” Writes one of the hundreds of five-star reviewers, “I love this square style laundry basket. It fits on top of the dryer perfectly and also fits underneath the opened dryer door if needed.” Verified shopper Janet L. appreciates it for her bad back: “I was looking for a laundry basket that I could manage to carry. This is a perfect size!”

Dbest Products Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly via amazon.com

Best laundry basket for stairs: DBest Products Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly

For anyone who has to walk up and down stairs to do laundry, this cart is a game-changer. The triple-rotating wheels take the stairs with ease and tote up to 110 pounds. Plus, the soft ergonomic cushion handle is gentle on the hands. “Love this cart!” says five-star reviewer Linda. “I have two sets of stairs from my bedroom to the laundry room. I dreaded laundry day for that reason. This cart makes my life so much easier! Setup was a snap, and it goes up and down the stairs so easily. Highly recommend!” E. Sanchez Lima adds, “I can’t imagine a better hamper for people living in an apartment building with stairs.”

Organi Haus Large Rope Laundry Basket via amazon.com

Best rope laundry basket: OrganiHaus XXL Rope Laundry Basket

Don’t let this basket’s good looks fool you. Handwoven from 100 percent premium cotton, it has large easy-grip handles and is built to last. Boasting nearly two thousand five-star reviews, it’s “well designed, sturdy and larger than it appears,” according to one verified reviewer. Another customer calls it “the perfect laundry basket! Its comfortable handles are the right size, it holds just the right amount of clothes to fit into a machine, and it’s gorgeous to look at. What more can you want?”

Storage Maniac 3 Section Laundry Sorter via amazon.com

Best sorting hamper: Storage Maniac 3 Section Laundry Sorter

“This one fits the bill for sorting, especially if you need to move your laundry across a large space,” says Karakaian. It’s got three removable waterproof bags that can each hold 25 pounds of laundry, four rolling wheels, and more than 5,000 five-star reviews. User Wilfredo Pagan writes, “I love everything about this product. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight. Strong enough to hold my husband’s laundry (lots and lots), and so easy to transport from my bathroom to the laundry room by rolling it or simply carrying each bag as needed. Love the brakes—they work! Big enough to hold many loads and small enough to fit perfectly in the bathroom.” Speaking of sorting laundry, here’s how to wash white clothes to keep them looking their best.

The Container Store White Stackable Laundry Basket With Grey Handles via containerstore.com

Best stackable laundry basket: The Container Store White Stackable Laundry Basket with Gray Handles

This ergonomically designed lightweight laundry basket is sturdy, holds a full load, and you can stack several on top of one another to neatly organize piles of laundry. And after each family member puts away their own pile of clothes, you can collapse the baskets into a single nest that’s out of the way. “Thoughtful design makes all the difference,” writes five-star reviewer Laura O. “The handles—the handles! They attach or detach. They flip over the top to the inside and line up with slots on the bottom for perfect stacking. They flip back down to the outside for perfect nesting. The size—also perfect!”

Crate And Barrel Natural Wicker Hamper via crateandbarrel.com

Best wicker hamper: Crate and Barrel Natural Wicker Hamper

This is a great hamper if keeping your dirty laundry under wraps is a priority. “I love wicker hampers because they go with nearly every design aesthetic, they’re easy to clean, and they help your laundry breathe,” says Karakaian. “I really like the simplicity and good looks of this one.” Handmade from water hyacinth with a top cutout to keep air flowing, this hamper will last for years. Opt for the white cotton liner, which is machine washable.

Clevermade Collapsible Laundry Tote via amazon.com

Best tote laundry basket: CleverMade Collapsible Laundry Caddy

Available in eight colors, this tote almost elevates the laundry basket into a fashion accessory, earning it more than 4,000 five-star reviews. “Give them your money, now!” writes mom Leah, who “bought five of these (three to start, and two more after I fell in love with them).” The generously sized bag holds two full loads of laundry, and when you’re not using it, the tote collapses for easy storage.

Room Essentials 1.5 Bushel Rectangular Laundry Basket via target.com

Best value laundry basket: Room Essentials 1.5 Bushel Rectangular Laundry Basket

This well-reviewed plastic laundry basket is unbeatable for the price. It features integrated handles on all four sides for easy lifting and carrying, and its oval hole pattern permits airflow. The smooth interior is snag-proof and simple to clean, and users like Katelyn love that it’s “super cheap but great quality.” Five-star reviewer Mackenzie writes, “I’m very happy with these laundry baskets. So far, they’re just as durable as more expensive ones. Great quality and price!”

Lifewit Freestanding Collapsible Laundry Basket via amazon.com

Best foldable laundry hamper: Lifewit Freestanding Laundry Hamper

This striped laundry hamper, available in three colors, will liven up any space and folds flat when it’s not needed. An Amazon’s Choice, the lightweight hamper is durable and features extended handles for easy toting. More than 15,000 five-star reviewers love the way it looks and functions. “I love this so much, I ended up buying two more!” reports one verified buyer. “Not only is it big enough to hold about two to three loads of laundry, but it’s also narrow enough to give you space.” Angela Weirauch writes, “It’s a large and sturdy laundry hamper that works well for transporting dirty and clean laundry. The handles make it easy to transport. Best of all, it’s collapsible. It would be great for travel, for someone who is tight on space, or even a college student.”

Household Essentials Rolling Laundry Hamper via amazon.com

Best rolling laundry basket: Household Essentials Rolling Laundry Hamper

Thanks to its rolling casters, this Amazon’s Choice basket with hundreds of five-star reviews can roll to your laundry room, taking the weight off your back and shoulders. Its large canvas bag can also be tossed into the washer and dryer. One verified purchaser writes, “Well-made, heavy-duty bag with strong Velcro attachment. The cart moves around well and has two locking wheels if you want to use them. What I like most is it folds and can fit in narrow spaces—mine is between the washer and wall, approximately four to five inches wide.”

Giantex Tilt Out Laundry Hamper via amazon.com

Best stylish hamper: Singes Tilt-Out Bamboo Laundry Hamper

This is Karakaian’s choice for a great-looking hamper, especially if you have a small space and need your hamper to do double duty. Made of bamboo, it features two handy shelves over a tilt-out hamper and is a lovely piece of furniture in its own right. “This is the prettiest laundry hamper we’ve ever owned,” writes on five-star reviewer. “We love it so much, we purchased a second one.”

Yamazaki Tosca Laundry Basket via bloomingdales.com

Best wire laundry basket: Yamazaki Tosca Laundry Basket

Yamazaki makes beautiful utilitarian items for small space living. This sleek wire laundry basket with its minimalist aesthetic is big on practical style and efficiency. Made of steel with wood handles, the large-capacity laundry basket is lightweight and easy to carry, and its open design keeps air moving around damp clothes.

Crate And Kids Woven Owl Hamper via crateandbarrel.com

Best kids laundry hamper: Crate & Kids Woven Owl Hamper

This wicker rattan hamper is so adorable, it will encourage kids to actually use it for their dirty clothes. Handmade by Filipino artisans, the hamper includes a lid and a washable removable liner. One five-star reviewer writes, “This hamper is amazing. It not only looks cool and is very well made but is super functional.” Another shares, “Absolutely love this hamper! It couldn’t be any cuter, and it’s very well made.”