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7 Stylish Clogs for Women That Make Putting on Shoes Totally Effortless

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Clogs for women are back and more stylish than ever. Move over, loafers.

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Clogs are a fashion staple with easy versatility for all ages. The slip-on, slip-off draw of the iconic shoe has once again earned clogs for women a front-and-center spot on your shoe rack, next to your rain boots, sandals, winter boots, walking shoes (his walking shoes, too) and snow boots. Whether for long days on your feet, tooling around in a garden or going out on the town, clogs are a utilitarian and stylist-approved shoe pick that show off your personality and instantly elevate any outfit.

“Anyone who prioritizes comfort, but still wants to be on-trend is loving the clog trend,” says fashion stylist Chantelle Hartman Malarkey. “Last year, loafers took over, and this year it’s clogs for easy, slide-on functionality.”

What to look for when buying clogs for women

“First and foremost, make sure your clogs fit comfortably, because if you buy a pair just for the look of it and don’t actually enjoy wearing them, you missed the point,” says Hartman Malarkey. After that, determine how and where you’ll wear them. A gardening clog is much different from one you’ll wear out to lunch. That’ll help determine the material, color, design and how high a heel to buy. The best clogs for women range from waterproof and shearling-lined designed to cozy slippers and high heels. No matter your taste, there’s a pair of clogs for women that’s perfect for your style.

Evaluation criteria

Clogs for women run the gamut in terms of materials, height and function. To narrow down the best of the best, we shopped trusted retailers who use quality materials and feature rave user reviews. We also represented a variety of styles and price points to provide you with a well-rounded list, no matter how you intend to wear clogs.

Best overall clogs for women: Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs
Best flat clogs for women: Free People Cambria Footbed Clogs
Best heeled clogs for women: Pilcro Suede Slingback Clog Heels
Best value clogs for women: Universal Standard Indra Clog Heels
Best splurge clogs for women: Swedish Hasbeens Zip It Emy Clog Bootie
Best slipper clogs for women: L.L. Bean Wicked Good Clogs
Best clogs for outdoor activities: Crocs Classic Clogs
Most comfortable women’s clogs: Dansko Professional Cabrio Leather Clog

Women's Boston Shearling Lined Suede Clogs
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Best overall clogs for women

Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs

This wouldn’t be a true list of the best clogs for women without Birkenstock at the very top. They’ve wiggled their way back in style in recent years, though to us they’ve always been a mainstay. This classic clog design has been a long-time fan-favorite for good reason. The high-quality suede balances softness and stylishness, while the shearling footbed ensures your feet will never be chilly as long as your Birks are nearby. Forget fast fashion, this is a pair you’ll have for years (and years) to come—we promise.


  • Classic and timeless design that never goes out of style
  • The shearling footbed is extra warm and cozy
  • Sold in both regular/wide and medium/narrow versions


  • Beware: Suede scratches easily

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Cambria Footbed Clogs
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Best flat clogs for women

Free People Cambria Footbed Clogs

Clogs for women have a reputation of sporting a clompy wooden heel, which is often the case. Not with these simple slip-ons, though! Instead, this oh-so comfortable pair combines the silhouette of a clog with a flat-sole design. It includes a cushioned footbed, so you can wear them just about anywhere for just about any activity.

They’re easy to style, effortless to throw on and ensure your ensemble won’t look dated. Choose between a calming sand color, classic black or go bold with the vibrant purple and green hues. Either way, these are fun and functional everyday shoes you’re bound to reach for as you’re running out the door.


  • A flat, lightweight alternative to the traditional clog style
  • Looks chic both barefoot or with socks
  • Available in serene neutrals and bold hues


  • Some reviewers say sizes run small

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Women's Indra Slip On
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Best value clogs for women

Universal Standard Indra Slip-On Clog Heels

If you’re curious about clogs, but aren’t ready to throw down serious dough—tip toe into the trend with an affordable pair, like these slip-on clogs. There’s no need to be intimidated by them, style-wise, price-wise or otherwise. The approachable two-and-a-half inch block heel is a breeze to walk in. Especially since the ultra comfy memory foam insole forms to the shape of your foot. The cream-colored sherpa upper, paired with a brown faux-leather buckled strap, makes for a stylish shoe you’ll reach for all year ’round.


  • Affordable price point
  • Memory foam insole provides all-day comfort
  • Lets you hop on the trendy sherpa fad


  • Beware of spills—the upper can only be spot cleaned
  • Only available online

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Zip It Emy Clog Bootie
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Best splurge clogs for women

Swedish Hasbeens Zip It Emy Clog Bootie

When it comes to clogs for women, trust the Swedish. These clog booties are a serious commitment price-wise, here’s betting that you’ll be wearing them (and loving them!) for years and even decades to come. They’re a classic design based on ’70s Swedish clogs, so you know they’re made to last. Handmade using traditional techniques, they’re just as comfortable as they are stylish. Plus, they’re crafted from special ergonomic soles, which your feet will appreciate. Buy these now, and justify the price with the comfort of the fact that you’ll truly adore them for, well, ever.

“I’ve been wearing my Swedish Hasbeens clogs for years,” says Andréa Bernholtz, founder of Swiminista. “They’re incredibly comfortable, and I have never had to break in any of my clogs. They work with everything from dresses to jeans and give you a kind of Euro vibe.”


  • A pair of you’ll-have-them-forever boots
  • Ergonomic soles
  • The pull tab and zipper make them exceptionally easy to pull on and off


  • High quality materials have a high price point

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Women's Wicked Good Clogs
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Best slipper clogs for women

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Clogs

There’s a reason—many reasons, actually—why L.L. Bean has sold more than four million pairs of their slipper clogs (including one pair every seven seconds during the gift-giving season!). Nearly 3,000 reviews agree with us: Wicked Good clogs are cozy, comfortable and just what your tired feet crave to slip on after a long day. That’s thanks to the luxurious (and moisture-wicking!) shearling lining, which keeps feet warm but not sweaty. The durable outsole, which has plenty of traction, allows you to wear them outside the house if you’d like, or you can keep them as inside-only shoes.


  • Unmatched coziness and comfort
  • Lined with premium shearling
  • The hard bottoms allow them to be worn outside, too


  • Can only be spot cleaned
  • Only available in one color

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Best clogs for outdoor activities

Crocs Classic Clogs

No matter your feelings on the look of Crocs, there’s no denying they’re the most practical shoes when it comes to messy outdoor activities like gardening or walking the dog. If you haven’t added a pair to your mud room yet, now is the time. Why? Not only are they supremely comfortable—making them easy to wear for alfresco adventures—but they’re washable, waterproof and odor-resistant, too. Simply hose them off after a day in the dirt and voila! Good as new.


  • A practical choice for outdoor activities
  • Washable and odor-resistant
  • Available in every color imaginable


  • Not the most stylish

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Dansko Women's Professional Clog Slip On
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Most comfortable women’s clogs

Dansko Professional Cabrio Leather Clog

Nurses, teachers and restaurant professionals everywhere agree: Dansko clogs are your feet’s best friend. If you don’t want aching tootsies after a long day, nab a pair of their Professional Leather Clogs, or any of their designs, really (there are dozens to choose from). Don’t believe us? Ask your nurse next time you’re getting a checkup, take a peek at your server’s footwear or take it from the American Pediatric Medical Association, which awarded them their Seal of Acceptance. They’re cushy, supportive, anatomical and feature Dansko’s signature rocker platform, which helps propel the foot forward as you walk. Genius.


  • Comfortable for all-day wear: Provides more shock absorption compared to athletic shoes
  • Smooth linings are treated with an anti-microbial solution
  • Padded footbed for added comfort
  • Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association


  • May not be fashionable enough for some people’s taste

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Why are clogs popular now?

There’s no denying it: Clogs are back in style. (Though really, did they ever go away?) “Clogs have been around for quite some time and are making a strong comeback,” says De Anne Combs, co-founder of sustainable fashion brand La Peony. “The ’70s and ’90s vibes that are so strong this season match perfectly with a comfortable, elevating clog.” Another reason they’re so in? Functionality and ease of wear.

“Add to that the comfort and effortless style of a slip on-and-off shoe, and you’ve got a post-Covid winner,” says Combs. “Covid made many of us realize how being comfortable all day is not a luxury, but a necessity.”

How do you take care of clogs?

Proper clog care depends on what material they’re made out of. Leather, suede and rubber all have very different cleaning needs. Keep a close eye on the materials before clicking “add to cart” so you’re aware of how to care for them. Also note if they’ve already been pre-treated with stain protectant or not.

What material is best for clogs?

There’s no best material for clogs, that comes down to personal preference. However, some materials are better than others depending on how (and where, and in what weather) you intend to wear the clogs. You shouldn’t wear shearling-lined suede clogs in down-pouring rain, and waterproof rubber ones aren’t ideal on a sweaty summer day. Leather clogs don’t make for good gardening shoes, while Crocs aren’t considered (by most, at least) work-appropriate. As you’re shopping, consider where you’ll likely be rocking the clogs. That’ll help narrow down the best material for you.