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8 Creepy Staircases in the Middle of Nowhere

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Who knew stairs could be so spooky?

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Abstract Spiral staircase
Blurra/Getty Images

Where to?

It isn’t unusual to stumble upon some unfinished construction, especially in a more secluded area, but it doesn’t make the findings any less creepy. Over the years, there have been many stories shared about mysterious discoveries in the middle of nowhere, the most recent phenomenon being staircases, seemingly without a destination. These stairs look as if they have been cut and pasted into their surroundings, sending chills up the spines of those who find them. Brace yourself for some bone-chilling images. Check out some more of the strangest unsolved mysteries of all time.

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Unfinished staicase over the water
aquatarkus/Getty Images

Over the water

Some people who have come across unfinished staircases believe that there is something paranormal about them in addition to just incomplete architecture. These people say that the steps are so out of place that they feel disturbed just looking at them. Read up on these strange urban legends that turned out to be true.

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View Of Narrow Stairs Along Trees
Phonthep Aungkanukulwit / EyeEm/Getty Images

Within the trees

Many believe that these staircases are fictional, paired with tales made up by storytellers behind their screens, but the photos say otherwise. There could be many explanations for them, such as remains of forgotten buildings, but there could be more to the story than what we even deem possible. See if you live near one of the most haunted places in America according to paranormal experts.

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Concrete staircase overlooking scenic view of mountains
Max Milne/Getty Images

With a view

This one isn’t completely isolated, as it is found within a structure, but climbing these stairs would definitely be terrifying for those afraid of heights. You never know; this whole building could be haunted like these other places in America that are said to be cursed.

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Scenic View Of Forest
Kathrin Adler / EyeEm/Getty Images

In Stadt Wehlen, Germany

These steps look like they came straight out of a fairytale where Snow White sings to the birds and where Hansel and Gretel drop breadcrumbs to find their way home. Maybe those stories aren’t as fictional as we believe. Who knows what could be hiding in those trees? Don’t miss these conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true.

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The Robinson tree near Bernay
CAP/Getty Images

In France

This wraparound staircase looks as if it belongs in some sort of mansion or castle, definitely not hugging a large tree. There’s something eerie about such an intricate and outwardly beautiful design without any sort of purpose. Someone clearly put a lot of time and effort into this unclaimed staircase that doesn’t go anywhere.

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An abandoned beach house with stairs
Gonzophoto/Getty Images

At an abandoned beach house

Anything abandoned is definitely spooky, so we would argue that this whole house would give anyone the creeps, but why have a staircase outside the structure that just stops? It doesn’t even reach a window.

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Fairytale forest landscape with wooden staircase
TorriPhoto/Getty Images

In a forest

Another uninhabited staircase in the middle of a fairytale landscape, but this looks a bit more like where Shrek and Donkey would be found hanging out. The stairs are almost cartoon-like, as if they came straight out of someone’s drawing. You can probably visit this place, but you definitely can’t visit these forbidden places.

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Mysterious stone staircase in an autumn forest
Tamara Harding/Getty Images

In the woods

They say there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel—and in this case, you can take that statement literally. Next, check out the spookiest urban legend from each state for a creepy story to tell anywhere you go.