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8 Best Dyson Vacuum Accessories

Invest in the best Dyson vacuum accessories and upgrade your luxury cleaning machine.

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8 Best Dyson Vacuum AccessoriesRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

A Dyson vacuum is an investment worth making as the brand is famous for making the most powerful, high-tech and dependable cleaning machines. Many of the newer and high-end models come fully loaded with some of the most innovative and best Dyson vacuum accessories. However, there are others you might have to purchase a la carte.

James McCrea, Lead Design and Development Engineer at Dyson, explains that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to cleaning your house. “From the size of your home to whichever part you’re cleaning, being equipped with the right vacuum and tools is key,” he says.

Just like Dyson offers all types of vacuum cleaners, from canisters to cordless, they also design all kinds of tools and accessories for various cleaning needs for different places, spaces and types of households.

Wendy Trunz, Partner and Head Organizer at Jane’s Addiction Organization, explains that extra tools successfully and easily clean more than just your carpets and floors. “Depending on your cleaning needs, there are a few accessories that are worth investing in,” she says. These include a hair screw tool that picks up long hair and pet hair fast, a mattress and upholstery tool that’s designed to remove dust and allergens from textiles and an awkward gap tool that extends and bends to clean hard-to-reach places.

We rounded up the best Dyson vacuum accessories to invest in to upgrade your luxury cleaning machine to clean every nook and cranny in your home and car.

Hair Screw Tool

Hair screw tool

If you live in a home with anyone who has long hair—pets or humans—invest in a hair screw tool to efficiently clean it up. Long hair can impact a vacuum’s overall performance, but this anti-tangle brush bar is specifically designed to solve this problem. Trunz highly recommends the hair screw tool, stating that it significantly makes the removal of animal hair much easier. If you buy one of the latest cordless vacuum cleaners, you’ll get one of these Dyson vacuum accessories in the box!

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Combination Tool
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Combination tool

Another tool that comes standard with the latest Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners is a combination tool. It offers a wide nozzle and brush for quick switching between cleaning and dusting tasks. It comes in handy for reaching crevices around the home (like your sofa!) and inside of your car.

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Crevice Tool
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Crevice tool

Tidying hard-to-reach places is a lot easier with this Dyson crevice tool, designed for precise cleaning around tricky edges and narrow spaces, including staircases. The brand’s newest and most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners, the Gen5detect and Gen5outsize, feature a built-in dusting and crevice tool.

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Awkward Gap Tool Ecomm Via Dyson.com
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Awkward gap tool

Dyson designed a tool specifically for tight spaces that require angled maneuvering. This clever awkward gap tool ranks among the best Dyson vacuum accessories, as it can twist up to 22 degrees to reach seemingly unreachable areas. It proves particularly useful for cleaning cars: The sliding brush effectively loosens dirt, dried food or any unexpected surprises you may encounter, enabling you to use your vacuum in more innovative ways.

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Mattress Tool Ecomm Via Dyson.com
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Mattress tool

Learning how to clean your mattress will keep allergens (and bed bugs) at bay. Regular vacuuming is an easy place to start. Trunz recommends this Dyson mattress tool, which she says is specifically designed for deep cleaning beds, but also performs excellently on upholstery. The tool features an angled top that ensures equal distribution of suction power, and its flexible, 45-degree neck allows it to work effectively on different fabric types.

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Low Reach Adaptor
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Low-reach adaptor

Dyson pulls out all the stops with this low-reach adaptor that makes vacuuming easier on your back. Trunz suggests buying Dyson vacuum accessories, such as this one, which reach down low to effortlessly access hard-to-clean areas like underneath beds and sofas, at the perfect 90-degree angle. “No more getting on your hands and knees,” she says. Most likely, these are places you’re not vacuuming, but should be.

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Up Top Adaptor Ecomm Via Dyson.com
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Up-top adaptor

Similar to how the low-reach tool cleans underneath objects, the up-top adaptor proves ideal for reaching high and hard-to-access areas. This accessory bends and locks at various angles up to 130 degrees and fits various models. It provides the perfect solution for eliminating dust from ceiling fans or light fixtures.

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Stubborn Dirt Brush
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Stubborn dirt brush

Dislodging stuck-on dirt from carpet, car interiors and upholstery is a difficult task. But the stubborn dirt brush is the right tool for the job. This Dyson add-on boasts stiff nylon bristles that efficiently scrub away dried-on grime and mud. Furthermore, the wide-mouth brush covers more surface area for a more effective clean.

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