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11 Best Fake Plants to Buy (That Look Real!)

Don't exactly have a green thumb? Not to worry—here are the best fake plants you can buy that will elevate your home's style with nary a watering can in sight.

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Nothing brings life and freshness to a room like a houseplant or five. Even the humblest indoor plants have been shown to offer both mental and physical health benefits, not to mention the aesthetic effect. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to have that dreamy greenery in your own home. Maybe you have allergies or pets who eat everything. Or, maybe you travel regularly for work, live in dark rooms where even low light houseplants can’t thrive, or have a thumb that’s less than green. There’s no shortage of reasons to prevent you from having real plant life at home, but the good news is that you can still be the plant parent you’ve always wanted to be. The solution? Faux greenery! That’s right, fake plants are having a serious moment. These plastic and fabric leafy greens have come a long way and can compete with any outdoor foliage for realism. If you’re nervous, you can try them alongside some easy indoor plants as you grow your home jungle. 

fake ivy plantvia

Best fake hanging plant

A hanging plant is an amazing pop of greenery in a kitchen or bathroom and works perfectly in small spaces where surface space is limited. Ivy is one of the best-looking trailing plants, and this faux ivy from Nearly Natural comes with a sweet wicker basket to brighten up any place in or outside your house.

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Fake succulent plantsvia

Best fake succulents

Live succulents are already some of the least killable plants around, and these wee plastic cuties from Amazon are practically indestructible! They come in a pack of four different “plants,” with a pop of color to liven up your office or bedside table. They come in neutral white containers, too, so they go with all your existing décor. And at just $10.99, you can get a few!

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Fake peonies flowersvia

Best fake flower arrangement

There’s nothing as cheering as having fresh flowers on your mantel but buying them every couple of weeks can be expensive. The answer? A beautiful faux floral arrangement! Featuring peonies, carnations, and hydrangea flowers, this gorgeous silk bouquet from Amazon comes in five different colors, and at just $13.99 it’s affordable enough to alternate.

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Fake orchid flowervia

Best fake orchid

Few plants are more finicky than an orchid—unless it’s a fake plant, of course! This silk-petaled beauty comes in a porcelain pot from Amazon, and the stems are bendable to make it even more realistic looking. Your friends will think you’ve suddenly developed a green thumb! The pretty pink pop of color will add a touch of sophistication to any room.

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Fake hanging fernvia

Best fake fern

Ferns are perfect for a bathroom, Victorian greenhouse, or a romantic wraparound porch. The Boston fern is the most classic fern shape, and this hanging fern from Nearly Natural comes in a lovely wicker basket. Ferns add a lush tropical accent but can be hard to maintain anywhere that isn’t a tropically humid environment. This silk faux fern takes away the pressure whilst maintaining the look.

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Fake yucca treevia

Best yucca

If you want an airy, relaxed desert look, you can’t go wrong with a yucca tree in the corner. But if you want the desert look in your rainy hometown, you’re going to need a fake plant. This gorgeous two-stemmed yucca from World Market is handmade and comes in a simple weighted stand ready for the planter or basket of your choice.

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Fake monstera plantvia

Best monstera

The monstera, sometimes called the Swiss cheese plant because of its holey leaves, is one of the trendiest houseplants around right now. Fortunately, the Urban Outfitters fake plants department has a perfectly faux monstera for the look without the maintenance. It comes in a simple black pot that can be covered with a decorative planter, and the leaves are bendable so that it fits perfectly in any corner.

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Fake fiddle leafvia

Best fiddle leaf fig

If you’re looking for a statement-making fake plant, the fiddle leaf fig tree is the ultimate foliage. This nearly 60-inch tall tree from World Market makes a stylish addition to any room. The branches are poseable and the fiddle leaf comes in a weighted black pot, ready for a cute basket.

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Fake snake plantvia

Best snake plant

Many pet owners who dream of owning a snake plant have to hold off, as the plant can be poisonous for dogs and cats. The solution, of course, is a fake plant. Urban Outfitters has a gorgeous snake plant safe for any pet (although you probably still don’t want them to chew on it).

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Fake parlor palm treevia

Best parlor palm

Any living room or porch becomes a sophisticated tropical enclave with a parlor palm. This gorgeous fake plant from Wayfair comes in a handmade rope and rattan basket, perfect for even the darkest corner of your home. If you’re looking for a fake plant that will make a statement, the parlor palm is a classic choice that will never go out of style.

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fake Hanging plantvia

Best fake plant décor

As every college student knows, the best décor is fast, affordable, and easy to switch up. Fake plants, garlands, and vines add warmth to any wall, window, or mirror. These pothos leaf vines from Urban Outfitters look super cute against a white or brick wall background.

If you have some well-lit corners in your home and would like to give real foliage a try, check out our tips on how to care for indoor plants for everything you need to know about growing an indoor garden.

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