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9 Grooming Treatments Every Man Should Be Getting

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

This isn't even about pampering—it's about looking healthy. Here's how men should be tending their hair, teeth, eyebrows, and nails.

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Eyebrow waxing and tweezing

Listen up: It’s time to take a good, hard look in the mirror to examine the state of your brows. Overly bushy eyebrows don’t make you look more rugged. Instead, you’ll come across as unkempt and disheveled with two furry caterpillars on your forehead. To avoid looking like you neglect all personal upkeep, it’s essential that you groom your brows. “When men go for a haircut, they should ask their stylist to trim their eyebrows so they don’t get too bushy and wily,” advises Carrie Butterworth, stylist and men’s grooming specialist at Roy Teeluck Salon in New York City. “As far as eyebrow waxing, I would recommend it for eliminating the uni-brow look. I don’t recommend getting the eyebrow arch itself shaped, as that looks more effeminate,” she adds.

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Professional lowlights

Don’t be lulled into complacency by the endless hair care advertisements targeting women—hair coloring is a basic grooming move for men too. If your hair color is beginning to fade and you’re not quite ready for silver fox status, consider getting professional lowlights at a hair salon. “I have a couple of clients that get lowlights to blend in gray,” Butterworth says. “A good colorist will be able to lowlight some more ‘pepper’ into the ‘salt.'” Wanting to look a bit younger is not exclusively a women’s concern, so definitely consider getting lowlights if your hair is noticeably aging you. (Not sure what lowlights even are? You may need to consult this list of hair salon terminology).


At-home box dyes

For some men, professional beauty treatments are either too intimidating or embarrassing to pursue. Fortunately, there are plenty of at-home, DIY treatments you can pick up at your local drugstore and use in the privacy of your bathroom. “For men that don’t want to spend time in the chair, I’d suggest trying a ‘men’s color’ that will gently blend in gray, as opposed to completely covering it,” says Butterworth. “It looks more natural, as there aren’t any roots because it fades out with each shampoo, and the base color doesn’t get too dark or opaque. I recommend L’Oréal Homme. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes at the sink,” she says. These self-care gifts are perfect for your friend in need of pampering.


Spa facials

“The skin is the biggest organ of the body, and you need to take care of it as you would your heart or lungs,” Butterworth says. For your best possible skin, Butterworth recommends getting professional facials once every month or so. Not only will this treatment purify your pores, but spa facials are also a great way to learn what your skin needs, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re seriously relaxing. “Most men don’t know how to take care of their skin, and the esthetician will educate them,” says Butterworth. “It’s also important to remove blackheads, flaking, and ingrown hairs.” You can rest assured that spas have plenty of androgynous-smelling products (think Sandalwood and Bergamot) that won’t leave you smelling feminine. If you want to ease into the process at home, try these homemade face mask recipes.

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Manicures and pedicures

Hand and foot health is not just a women’s priority. Pedicures, in particular, are essential for men needing to buff away the dry, dead skin that builds up on the soles of their feet. “I would suggest every other week for both,” Butterworth says. “Men shouldn’t feel funny at the nail salon—the women will be all over them! I have many male executive clients who get manicures because they’re shaking hands and pointing things out at meetings,” she says. If you’re averse to strangers touching your feet, you can alternatively give yourself a pedicure at home.


Body hair grooming

Men may not need to shave their legs and armpits, but that doesn’t mean their body hair couldn’t use a good grooming. There are many options for taking care of a particularly hairy back, chest, arms, or torso. Consider professional waxing, at-home waxing kits, hair-removal creams by Nair, bleach by Sally Hansen, and electric razors—or laser hair removal if you want that hair gone for good. You don’t need to rid of every hair you see, but rather to find the happy medium between completely hairless and totally woolly. Every man has his own grooming preferences, so feel free to experiment. If you get rid of too much, remember that hair grows back.

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Teeth whitening and cleaning

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, chances are you need some help removing built-up stains and that unflattering, yellow tint. Fortunately, having pearly white teeth is now a breeze thanks to countless, inexpensive treatment options. For starters, you can speak to your dentist about their cleaning and whitening procedures (which may even be covered under your insurance policy). There are also at-home whitening strips, pens, and LED lights retailing at less than $25 and available at your nearest drug store. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, this one could not be easier to make time for, and you’ll love the look of your brilliant smile.


Collagen treatments

Toupees and hair plugs aren’t the only options for men with thinning hair. As part of your shower regime, use a thickening shampoo and conditioner (that’s right: separate, highly-reviewed products, not a 2-in-1), such as the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. On top of this regular maintenance, it’s extremely helpful to get collagen hair treatments, which can provide deeply absorbed protein from the hair shaft down to the follicle. “For thinning hair, I would recommend our own collagen treatment. It’s available for retail purchase, as well as a salon treatment,” Butterworth says.

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Facial hair grooming

Finally, all men should take the time to groom their facial hair, regardless of whether you prefer a clean-shave, sharply-angled beard, or some other wild style. “Invest in a beard trimmer,” Butterworth says. “They’re inexpensive and available at your local drugstore. They also come with an adjustable attachment, so they’re foolproof when it comes to beard maintenance.” Yet facial hair grooming doesn’t end there. “I would also suggest buying a nose and ear-hair trimmer,” she adds. “Please do not ask me (nor any other hairstylist/barber) to stick my scissors in either area to clean them up for you. YES, this has happened. Ew!”