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7 Homemade Remedies for Dry and Chapped Lips

Updated: Mar. 07, 2022

Don’t have any ChapStick or find that it’s not helping? Try these chapped lip remedies you can DIY.

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Why are my lips so dry?

Our lips lose moisture for many reasons, including the change of seasons, unhealthy habits such as licking our lips, and our diet.
“Chapped lips are common during the winter months in particular, as the cold weather and dry heat in homes and cars essentially dehydrate the skin,” says Dr. Lauren E. Adams, a dermatologist with White Plains Hospital Physician Associates.

But do you know how to get rid of dry lips with items you can find just within your house? While it’s important to stock up on lip balm, these home remedies can also help to cure chapped lips fast.

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Almond oil

Almond oil can be used for a number of functions, including as a way to get rid of dry lips. “It has a high level of fatty acids and a long history of use in eczema,” says Adams. Simply apply a few drops to your lips, though those with a history of almond allergies should not use this. Almond oil is also a good remedy for dry, damaged hair.

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Coconut oil
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Coconut oil

“It is a good emollient, adding moisture to the skin, and also has some anti-staphylococcal properties which may help prevent bacterial superinfection of very chapped lips,” says Adams. Here are more impressive beauty benefits of coconut oil.

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Cucumber seeds are edible and very nutritious. Fresh Cucumber slice on wooden board with wooden background.


Solutions for how to get rid of dry lips lie right in your fridge. Cucumber is a perfect treatment for dry and sore lips. This green veggie can gently moisturize your lips while also providing your skin with vitamins and minerals needed to make your lips look flawless, according to Medical News Today.  Adams suggests using an emollient after to lock in the moisture.

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Your lips can dry out a lot while you sleep. But how to get rid of dry lips that happen overnight? Solution: keeping a humidifier on in your room. “A humidifier can be helpful in the home, adding moisture back to the air,” says Adams.

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Healthy or unhealthy sweet: honey vs white sugar
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Exfoliate with sugar and honey

Exfoliating your lips with a good scrub can help to remove dead skin and help your lips feel rehydrated and smooth.
“If you suffer from constantly chapped lips then you might be in need of some lip exfoliation,” says Adina Mahalli, a hair and skincare expert with Maple Holistics.  “Sugar contains abrasive qualities that make it a great natural exfoliant. It’s also a humectant which means that it draws in moisture from the environment to your skin. The natural sugars found in honey act as humectants and emollients which increase the water control in your skin.”

Mahalli recommends making a scrub with sugar and honey, rubbing it on with a brush and then rubbing (or licking!) it off. Check out these natural recipes for amazing skin… from a plastic surgeon.

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White tea bags with mint leaves
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Green tea bags

This treatment is one of the oldest and most effective in the book for how to get rid of dry lips. After steeping your tea, remove the bag and rub it over your lips to exfoliate them. Not only is green tea rich in antioxidants and minerals, but they also contain polyphenols which reduce inflammation according to Medical News Today.

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