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11 Subtle Ways Your House Can Predict Your Personality

Updated: Jul. 28, 2021

Your shower, your closet, and your pantry say a lot more about you than you realized.

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Your front door says

Whether you’re outgoing—or not. According to color experts, a red front door means you’re not afraid to stand out and say what you think. A blue door says you’re naturally at ease in most situations. Green broadcasts your traditional values, and black means you’re probably consistent, conservative, and reserved. Here are 26 secrets personal organizers would never tell you for free.

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Your sock drawer says

How type A you are. One survey found that orderly and detail-oriented people tend to have the messiest, most chaotic sock drawers. Experts hypothesize that people who are meticulous are more likely to spend time prioritizing and organizing more important parts of their lives. Use these 12 storage hacks to banish clutter for good.

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The area under your bed says

How anxious you are. Most people—even those with clean, organized houses—have hidden messes under their beds and in their closets. If you’re one of the few who doesn’t, you are likely a bit obsessive and may be an anxious person. Social scientists say the more anxious a person is, the more they try to control their environment. Don’t miss these 50 brilliant organization ideas you never knew you needed all along.

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Your throw pillows say

More personality nuggets: Big, bold stripes could mean you’re confident and not afraid of what people think. Polka dots communicate your fun side, animal prints say you’re creative, and geometric prints usually mean you have a need for order and might be type A.

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Your shower says

Whether you’re lonely. If you linger in the shower or bath, you may want to get out more. A Yale University study found that people who take longer showers and baths are more likely to feel lonely and isolated. Researchers believe they subconsciously use hot baths and showers as a substitute for emotional warmth.

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Your pantry says

If you’re a procrastinator. You likely are if you have instant coffee in the cupboard, according to a clinical psychologist’s survey of 1,000 coffee drinkers. The survey also found that black coffee drinkers tend to be straightforward and no-nonsense, latte drinkers are people pleasers, and those who prefer sweet, blended drinks are likely to be spontaneous and young at heart. You can even organize your pantry with these Container Store products that professional organizers use in their own homes.

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Your bed says

How often you exercise, and how you feel about your job. If you think making your bed is a waste of time, it’s more likely that you hate your job and avoid the gym. One survey of 68,000 people found that those who make their beds are more likely to like their jobs and to exercise regularly. Psychologists say it could be because happy people aim for an ordered life (rather than a chaotic one).

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Your wall art says

How neurotic you are. Psychologists have found that inspirational quotes and posters are usually a sign of neuroticism. These people may try to use their environment as a way to calm their worries and help them through the day.

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Your chair says

How you negotiate. Research has shown that people negotiate more vigorously when sitting on a hard seat compared to a soft seat. In a study published in the journal Science, those sitting on hard chairs drove a harder bargain and were less willing to raise their offer when haggling. Researchers say a hard physical surface may subconsciously make your frame of mind more rigid. If you’re planning a tough conversation with a family member, consider moving to the living room.

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Your closet says

Whether you may be holding on to your past. If your closet is filled with suits from your last job, old team uniforms, or clothes that no longer fit, you’re in love with the memories associated with those garments, not the clothes themselves. Take a photograph of each item, then give them away.

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Your overall messiness says

How creative you are. Studies show that people produce better ideas when they are in a messy or disorderly environment. The flip side? A clean and organized room leads to an increase in generosity. And make sure you know the 14 mistakes that make your yard look messy.