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How to Change Alexa’s Name: 7 Easy Steps

Your Alexa device comes with three other possible "names." Here's how you can try one out.

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Can you change Alexa’s name?

If you own an Amazon Alexa device, you know that she can definitely come in handy. Alexa can do everything from turning off the lights in your house to helping you plan a trip. But what if you’d rather not call her “Alexa”? Can you change Alexa’s name? Maybe there’s already someone named Alexa in your household, which makes things way too confusing. Maybe you have multiple Alexa devices and don’t want to get them mixed up. Or perhaps you’re just a little weirded out by calling a black-and-blue cylinder by a human name. Well, if you are Alexa-averse, whatever the reason, you’re in luck—you’re not stuck with that name.

Although you can’t change her name to whatever you want (there’s a menu with a few choices), there’s a way to change it right on the Alexa app. And changing her name couldn’t be easier. Read on to learn how to change Alexa’s name. And once you’ve decided on what to call her, try out these other cool things you didn’t know Alexa could do.

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Step 1: Open the Amazon Alexa app

It’s the blue one with the white circle.

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Step 2: Click the three bars in the upper left corner

This will open the main menu. These cool Alexa accessories will make your device 10x better.

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Step 3: Select “Settings”

It’s near the bottom of the menu, below “Help & Feedback.” If you’re still on the fence about Alexa, brush up on the facts about her you probably have wrong.

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Step 4: Choose the “Device Settings” option

It should be below “Alexa Account.”

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Step 5: In the “All Devices” menu, select the Echo device whose name you’re trying to change

If you have more than one Amazon Alexa device, choose the one you’d like to change. Don’t know the difference between an Amazon Echo and an Amazon Echo Dot? Find out the difference and which is right for you.

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Step 6: Scroll down through the options that appear until you find “Wake Word”

Even though we’re showing you how to change Alexa’s name, it’s not technically a “name”—it’s a “wake word,” since saying it “wakes up” the device. The “Wake Word” option is a ways down on the menu. (When you see “Communications,” you’re getting close.) Select that option.

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Step 7: Choose Alexa’s new name!

Finally, here’s how to change Alexa’s name: Your screen will say “Wake Word,” with four different options underneath it. Can you change Alexa’s name to another human name? Sadly, no. The other options for Alexa’s name are “Amazon,” “Echo,” and “Computer.” Once you’ve made your selection, don’t forget to hit “OK”!

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Can I use my re-named Alexa immediately?

You can’t start using the new name immediately. Once you change the wake word, it’ll take a few minutes to update, but you can continue using the original wake word. But once the system updates, the name change is complete, and your device will tell you. Then go ahead and use your device the way you normally would! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try out these these funny things you won’t believe your Echo device—whatever its name is—can do.

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