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Top Luggage Racks for Bedrooms and Guest Rooms to Unpack With Ease

Updated: Apr. 24, 2024

We've picked the best luggage racks to make packing and unpacking so much easier.

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Luggage racks make it easier to pack and unpack your suitcase. You’ve probably noticed them in nearly every hotel room you’ve stayed in. That’s because hotel owners know that it can impact the overall experience of a trip if you’re having to constantly bend down and strain your back opening the luggage on the floor.

Instead, luggage racks save the day in a way that even the best luggage sets can’t. They’re easy to fold and unfold, and they make an instant shelf for a suitcase.

Remember that luggage racks can also serve multiple purposes when travel isn’t on the mind. Use them on laundry day as an extra shelf for a basket to put away clothes or even throw a small tablecloth on it to make it into a makeshift end table. Also, use it as a tray holder to serve breakfast in bed or in the closet as a blanket stand. A luggage rack can ultimately be one of the best travel accessories that’ll arrive in time for your next trip.

No matter how you use your luggage stand, look for the best luggage rack brands just like you determine the best luggage brands for your needs. Look for the best deals on cheap luggage and you will get what you pay for in most instances. So, balance budget considerations with high quality and style standards. Read on to see which luggage rack best meets your needs.

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Eco Luggage Rack With Tassel Straps
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Pottery Barn Eco Luggage Rack with Tassel Straps


  • Sustainably-sourced
  • Made to last
  • Holds up to 100 pounds
  • Contains 95% recycled plastic
  • Comes in six colors


  • Its cost may be difficult for buyers on a budget

What’s not to love about luggage racks that are good for people and for the planet? This American-made Pottery Barn Eco-Friendly Luggage Rack boasts 95% recycled plastic and stainless steel hardware. Despite being lightweight, it holds suitcases weighing up to 100 pounds. Its aesthetically pleasing straps have tassels for an extra flourish of fun.

This luggage rack quickly folds for easy storage to free up space at a moment’s notice. If you’re committed to more eco-conscious travel, consider the most sustainable countries and how to be a more conscientious traveler overall. Don’t make these eco-friendly habit mistakes.

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Winsome Remy Shelf Luggage Rack


  • Has two shelves for people with a carry-on and a checked bag
  • Looks stylish with a cappuccino finish on solid wood
  • No assembly required
  • Holds up to 100 pounds altogether
  • 2,100 Amazon ratings and a 4.8-star average


  • Upper rack only holds up to 75 pounds
  • Lower rack only holds up to 25 pounds

Luggage racks with two shelves pull double-duty and are twice as helpful. Why not go for optimal convenience, especially to wow guests in a rental home or even a guest bedroom? This Winsome Remy Luggage Rack features two roomy, sturdy shelves. This Amazon find has thick nylon straps and is constructed of solid wood with a rich cappuccino finish.

This rack supports suitcases that weigh up to 75 pounds on the top rack and up to 25 pounds on the lower rack. While that does not offer as much support as many other luggage racks, it’s sufficient for most travelers’ needs. Be sure to never put higher weights on the makeshift shelves.

You may know how to roll clothes for wrinkle-free packing, but that won’t make much of a difference if they end up on the floor because the rack breaks. Consider adding packing cubes to your luggage to help with space as well.

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Pottery Barn Contour Leg Luggage Rack
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Pottery Barn Contour Leg Luggage Rack


  • Nontraditional curved leg design for style and strength
  • Can hold up to 200 pounds
  • The center spindle offers extra support
  • Multiple color combinations available


  • Costs more than many racks

Unlike most luggage racks with straight legs, this Pottery Barn Contour Leg Luggage Rack has contoured legs that have a softer look to the overall decor while it’s set up. Most importantly, the contoured legs add extra stability, and it also has a center spindle for additional support. Crafted from hardwood, it also boasts heavyweight straps designed to pair well with nearly any decor.

This Pottery Barn wooden luggage rack can handle up to 200 pounds, a rarity among luggage racks of this size. Choose a black or white rack color and then black burlap straps, brown tick woven straps or fine black woven straps.

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Wayfair Basics Chrome Luggage Rack
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Wayfair Basics Chrome Luggage Rack


  • Most affordable price
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Lightweight
  • 1,300 Wayfair ratings and a 4.8-star average


  • The chrome color might not match every decor
  • Small size

When you want a basic luggage rack that’s sturdy and works well without spending much money, this metal Wayfair Basics Chrome Luggage Rack is ideal. It’s a good deal for a high-quality, folding, durable rack. The rack is small, but that can be a plus if you have limited space.

Although it’s affordable, this luggage rack promises a design to last. With a metal frame and body and chrome color, it has reinforced polyvinyl webbing to support the suitcase and prevent scuffing. When using a luggage rack to pack, consider which items you should always pack in your carry-on.

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West Elm Walnut Luggage Rack
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West Elm Walnut Luggage Rack


  • Looks like real walnut
  • Made with recycled plastic
  • Sturdy with the capacity to hold up to 100 pounds


  • On the costly side

This West Elm Walnut Luggage Rack is the best luggage rack for those who are willing to spend a bit more for a beautiful luggage rack that complements any room. If you have the warm, wonderful tone of walnut as part of your decor, that’s even better. Made with recycled plastic, the lovely rack has a light walnut finish and four nylon straps in a khaki finish that further support its upscale look.

This luggage rack for a bedroom or guestroom features a design that fits at the foot of a bed to make packing and unpacking easier on one’s back. When looking for proven packing tips to help you travel smarter and lighter, perhaps the first one should be choosing the best luggage rack. That way, you can comfortably pack while assessing what is already in the suitcase, and that’s easy with this luxurious luggage rack.

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Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack


  • Made of solid oak
  • Holds luggage up to 100 pounds
  • Available in multiple finishes and strap colors
  • Inexpensive
  • 650 Amazon ratings and a 4.7-star average


  • Takes up more space with the wall-saver feature

If you’re looking for a luggage rack for a guest or vacation rental, you may be concerned with long-term damage to your home caused by careless renters. This Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack has a solution with its wall-saver feature that prevents damage to the walls from suitcase scraping. You can also customize it to fit your decor and preferences. This luggage rack comes in four different finishes: medium oak, black, light oak or mahogany. Also choose from tan, black, brown, gray, silver or tapestry straps.

Made of solid oak with a special finish created to help increase its durability and keep it looking beautiful, this luggage rack features heavy-duty, commercial-grade webbing on its four two-inch straps. That ensures it can easily support suitcases that weigh up to 100 pounds. Whether choosing cheap luggage or the best that money can buy, keep it safe on the rack.

What to consider when buying luggage racks

When buying luggage racks, consider where and how you plan to use them. Beyond that, consider a budget and determine which qualities matter the most. If sustainability remains important, look for an eco-friendly luggage rack designed with recycled materials. Also, functionality is important, but if you want it to match a theme in a guest home or vacation rental, you might prioritize its aesthetics as long as it is sturdy and safe. Here are some factors to consider as you shop.

  • Weight Capacity: A luggage rack should always be stable when it’s holding a suitcase. If you’re just buying it for personal use at home, assess the normal weight of the suitcase. Buy a luggage rack that can hold the luggage’s weight.
  • Size: A high-quality luggage rack will be durable, sturdy, attractive and easy to use. Assess the luggage rack size to determine a good fit for the space. Look for one that’s foldable to save room. Also, choose one with a wall guard to protect the bedroom walls.
  • Material: Luggage racks are available in various shapes, sizes and types. Most luggage racks have a frame crafted from wood, plastic or metal. That strong frame holds tightly together by straps designed from a soft, flexible material, which lets the user easily fold and unfold the rack.
  • Extra Features: Some luggage racks feature a second shelf beneath the primary shelf created by unfolding it. Others have laundry bags to attach to the rack underneath the main shelf. That can make it easy to gather dirty laundry when unpacking a suitcase.

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What is a luggage rack?

You’ve probably seen a luggage rack if you’ve stayed in a hotel. It’s a suitcase stand that makes it much easier to pack and unpack. Most luggage racks are foldable and easy to store in a closet or other space out of the way.

They’re available in many sizes and come in a wide variety of materials. Most popular luggage racks come crafted with wood, plastic or metal. They typically feature soft, flexible straps that support the suitcase and make it easy to fold and store the rack.

How do you load a luggage rack?

Luggage racks are easy to use. When folded, pull both sides of the frame apart to open the rack and create a shelf to place the suitcase. Put the luggage on the open rack with the top side facing up, then unzip and open the suitcase. Keep it open on the luggage rack while you pack or unpack the suitcase. You may even keep it open for days if traveling and living out of a suitcase.

What is the standard height of a luggage rack?

While individual luggage racks will vary in height, which is why it’s important to check the dimensions before buying, they’re usually somewhere around two feet tall—give or take a couple of inches. The luggage racks included in this guide range in height from 20 to 28 inches tall.

How much weight can a luggage rack hold?

A high-quality luggage rack you might find in a nice hotel will typically be able to handle luggage weighing up to 100 to 200 pounds, like many of the products in this guide. However, the weight capacity will depend on the construction and material of the rack.