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10 Genius Mason Jar Uses You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

Updated: Jun. 29, 2022

Mason jars are rustic and fun and have endless possibilities. Whether you want to use them for snacks, soups, drinks, or more, you'll have lots of options.


Wine glasses

People may consider mason jars for cocktails, but they also make really fun wine glasses, especially if you want to take your wine with you (just make sure it’s legal, first). They’re super cute and very easy to make — check out the tutorial.



Making soup in a mason jar is not only easy, but it’s fun and will make everyone around you jealous they hadn’t thought of it first.


Chopped salad

A mason jar chopped salad is easy and delicious, and super transportable. It’s a great way to stay healthy at work or on the go and not let yourself fall victim to expensive (and less healthy) takeout options.


Dream keepers

Mason jars are awesome dream keepers. “Write down your dreams on a piece of paper and put it inside of the jars. You can decorate your jars and put in a place where you will always see it. Unlike telling people your dreams who sometimes try to discourage you from pursuing your dreams; your mason jar won’t ever do that. However, being able to see the jar every day is a reminder of what you have to do in order to see your dreams come through!” says author Elle Clarke.


DIY bacon bloody Mary gift set

A cocktail to go is always fun, especially as a gift idea. Put it together with bacon-infused vodka, celery sea salt, and bloody Mary mix, presented in mason jars with writable tops and twine, says lifestyle blogger Laura Krudener of Among the Colors.



You can also turn them into snowy mason jar décor. “Put those mason jars to use with this quick hack: Paint the jars white and roll in Epsom salt and glitter to create the perfect centerpiece,” says Amanda Mushro, a Washington D.C. blogger.


Baked goods

These are the perfect way to showcase your specialty while giving your friend a fun activity to do. “Start by putting your dry ingredients one by one in the mason jar (flour, sugar, salt, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.) Make a label with instructions for adding wet ingredients (eggs, extracts, butter) and a how to for the recipe. You have the perfect gift in a Mason Jar!” says Nicole Bandklayder of The Cookie Cups.


S’mores pie

The single serving s’more pies consist of rich chocolate pudding with a graham cracker crust base and toasted marshmallows bursting out of the top. “They are baked and served in mason jars for easy clean up and fun single serving sizes for guests, perfect for holiday dinner parties!” says pastry chef Gemma Stafford.



“Tie a lavish bow of wide wired ribbon in bright colors around the neck of the jar, add a candle as large as the mason jar will hold in a color to match the ribbon,” says Ann Saavedra of Dreamcatcher Events in the San Francisco Bay area. Placing a series of these mason jars on the mantle or down the center of a table—about three to six spaced four inches apart—will be festive and make a statement. “Additionally, I would cut a few branches from the yard and lay them in between the mason jars. For a final touch, throw a few sparkles or glitter on the branches and the candles will ‘catch’ the light,” says Saavedra.


Yogurt parfait

“I like to make my own yogurt parfaits in my mini mason jars. I’ll layer granola, Greek yogurt, almond butter, and some fresh berries. I’m always running out the door in the mornings so I make it the night before and it’s the perfect quick meal!” says country music artist Olivia Lane. Want more recipes for meals that will get you going in the morning? Check out these 8 healthy breakfast ideas.