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15 McDonald’s Breakfast Items from Around the World

You don’t just see the classic breakfast sandwiches on these international menus.

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Sausage N' Egg Twisty Pastavia

China: Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta

In Hong Kong, you can start your day with a delicious noodle bowl. The Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta dish includes pasta, fresh grade A eggs, sausage, and hot chicken or tonkotsu broth with other greens. You won’t see these failed McDonald’s items on any international menu, though.

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Plain Bagel with Nutellavia

Canada: Plain Bagel with Nutella

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth first thing in the morning, you’ll want to pick up a bagel with Nutella from McDonald’s in Canada. You can choose from a plain, multigrain, cinnamon and raisin, sesame, or everything bagel.

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Italy: Brioche

In Italy, you can pick up a brioche filled with chocolate, cream, jam, or just plain from the local McDonald’s. These are the best selling McDonald’s menu items—ever.

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Mexico: McMolletes

A mollete is an open-faced sandwich. In Mexico, the McDonald’s version is topped with cheese, refried beans, pico de gallo, and a delicious Mexican sauce on the side.

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Turk Kahvaltı Tabagvia

Turkey: Breakfast platter

This breakfast platter from the McDonald’s menu in Turkey looks pretty tasty and healthy. It comes with an English muffin, eggs, cucumber slices, butter and jam, cherry tomatoes, brined olives, and feta cheese cubes.

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Big Brekkie Beef Burgervia

New Zealand: Big Brekkie Beef Burger

You better be really hungry if you order one of these. The Big Brekkie Beef Burger is a classic hamburger topped with an egg, cheese, a hash brown, BBQ sauce, and bacon. There’s one McDonald’s in the world that has a global menu, and this brave soul tried everything on it.

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Halloumi Muffin™via

United Arab Emirates: Halloumi Muffin

Halloumi is a white hardened cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk. In the UAE you can get halloumi on an English muffin with lettuce, tomato, and olive paste.

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Toast with olive oil and tomatoesvia

Spain: Toast with olive oil and tomatoes

In Spain, you can order crisp toast with natural tomatoes and virgin olive oil from McDonald’s.

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India: Veg McMuffin

This vegetarian-friendly McDonald’s breakfast includes an English muffin with cheese and a veggie patty made out of corn and spinach.

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Bacon Rollvia

United Kingdom: Bacon Roll

In the United Kingdom, if you start your day at McDonald’s, you can pick up a Bacon Roll. This London classic consists of a bread roll topped with bacon and your choice of tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

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Poland: Kajzerka

They have pretty unique breakfast sandwiches at the McDonald’s in Poland. The kajzerka is a multigrain bun with an egg, cheese, grilled mushrooms, fresh arugula, and a special sandwich sauce. These 9 countries have banned McDonald’s.

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Viennese breakfastvia

Austria: Viennese breakfast

If you prefer a savory breakfast, you can pick up oven-fresh bread rolls with ham and cheese. If you want something sweeter you can choose bread with jam and butter.

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McToast Hamvia

Germany: McToast and Ham

It doesn’t look very appetizing, but it might taste good. This breakfast sandwich contains cheddar cheese and thinly sliced pieces of ham.

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Breakfast rollsvia

Russia: Breakfast rolls

These rolls off of McDonald’s menu in Russia contain cottage cheese, raisins, and dried apricots.

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Costa Rico: McPinto Deluxe

The McPinto Deluxe breakfast platter lives up to its deluxe name. It includes scrambled eggs, black beans and rice, sausage, tortillas, fried plantains, and cremosa natilla (a vanilla-flavored sweet custard). The franchise has expanded all over the world, but McDonald’s had a humble beginning. This is what it looked like when it first opened in 1955.

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