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18 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

It’s not always worth it to pay full price for some items—sometimes, it’s better to hunt down the deals and get the discount.

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Parking cars in beautiful sunshineIstvan Csak/Shutterstock


A car’s value drops 20 percent the second you drive it off the lot, so paying full price for a new car doesn’t make any sense—so buying a used car makes much more financial sense. If you really want a new model, make sure you buy at the end of the month or year. Why? Because that’s when salesmen need to make their quota and clear out old inventory. Check out these insider secrets to help you save at all of your favorite stores.

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Background of soft white mattressPavel Mirchuk/Shutterstock


Mattress stores always have crazy sales around Memorial Day, so make sure you shop for one then. They need to clear out their store to make room for newer models so you’ll definitely get a good deal.

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Stack of booksNujalee/Shutterstock


College textbooks don’t come cheap, but there are a lot of options to get them at a discounted price. You can rent them for the semester or try to find a used one on sites like Amazon or Chegg. Also, be sure to search around for a digital version, as they tend to be a little cheaper than buying a book. Read up on these savvy shopping tricks you’ll wish you knew all along.

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Painting of furnitureLyudmila Mikhailovskaya/Shutterstock


A fresh coat of paint can make an old piece of furniture look brand new. Always look for second-hand versions before paying full price for a piece of furniture. If you’re moving and need to buy a lot of new pieces, ask your friends and family. People are always looking to get rid of furniture they’ve been storing in their basement!

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Waist up portrait of fitness coach helping beautiful young woman training with barbell in modern gym, copy spaceSeventyFour/Shutterstock

Gym memberships

There is a lot of competition in the world of gyms, so they are constantly offering promotions to draw in new customers. Shop around on different gym websites to see what kind of deals are being offered. When you find the right one, talk to someone to sign up—there’s a good chance you’ll be able to negotiate some costs like the registration fee. Also, look into your employee benefits. Many companies offer discounts at certain gyms or will reimburse you for your membership.

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Washing machineGrzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock


Appliances like washing machines and refrigerators take up a lot of room in storage so when new models come in stores need to get rid of the old models and will sell them at a discount. To avoid paying full price, shop for appliances in the fall when they are about to release new models. These are the times you should never, ever pay with cash.

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Passports and Boarding PassDerek Hatfield/Shutterstock


To avoid paying full price for a vacation, book on sites like Expedia or Book your flights and hotel at the same time to get even more of a discount. Also, sign up for airfare alerts so that you know when the cheapest time to buy is.

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A sign at a box office.chrisdorney/Shutterstock

Show Tickets

Even if you’re really excited to see the hottest Broadway show, don’t buy your tickets too early. You can get great deals if you search reselling apps, like StubHub, a few hours before the show. Sellers will discount the price before the tickets become worthless.

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If you find yourself picking up the same magazine week after week, stop. Getting a subscription for that magazine is way cheaper than paying cover price for it all the time. Also, shop around on discount magazine sites as they are always offering great deals. Watch out for these hidden fees you had no idea you were paying.

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Showcase of the new powerful red gasoline lawn mower in the store (shop). Indoor shoot with nobody.Golubovy/Shutterstock


Similar to appliances, lawnmowers take up a lot of storage space and stores don’t like to keep them over the winter months. To avoid paying full price, look into buying a lawnmower in early September to get a good deal. The longer you wait into the winter, the better the deals will be.

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Office supplies

Whether you need to buy more notebooks for work or folders for your kids, wait until August to buy. It’s the perfect time to stock up for the year because everything will be discounted for back-to-school.

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Happy hour in singaporeneemon/Shutterstock

Dining out

You shouldn’t have to pay full price when you dine out. Check the happy hour deals at your favorite local restaurants; sometimes you can get meals for half off their regular price. If you’re going to a chain restaurant, check for coupons online. These are the times you should never, ever use your credit card for payment.

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In the Electronics Store Young Couple is Choosing Which a New Model of 4K TV's is Best for Their Home and Budget.Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock


Televisions are a big expense, but you can often find them deeply discounted. You can get the best discounts during Black Friday and two weeks before the Super Bowl.

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times-the-airline-likely-owes-you-moneyMaurizio Milanesio/shutterstock


Every year, new designs and styles of luggage come out but wait to buy your luggage in March. That’s when the new season’s styles arrive, and you can snag last year’s model on sale to avoid paying full price.

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Department of swim suits in clothing storeOrelPhoto/Shutterstock


At the end of the summer, swimsuits get marked way down. To save a lot of money, buy your suits for next season when the vacation season is over and the weather starts to get cold. Watch out for these ways stores trick you into spending more money.

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A trip to the movies

Going to see a new movie in theaters can be crazy expensive. If there is a theater you visit often, sign up for their club card to help you accrue discounts. Also, check with an employee about what discounts they offer. Many times student, seniors, and members of the military can get a percentage off of their tickets.

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No one likes to pay full price for a book. Ask around to see if any of your friends have a copy you can borrow, visit your local library, or buy a used version on sites like Amazon. When you’re finished reading, sell it back to Amazon so you can basically get your book for free.

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Row of men's suit jackets hanging in closetaastock/Shutterstock

Formal wear

You should never pay full price for a high-end dress or suit that you’re only going to wear once. Consider renting formal wear from sites like Rent the Runway or Bag Borrow or Steal. Next, read about how you can get a refund on almost anything.

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