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27 Amazing Miracles in Real Life

From simple everyday joys to amazing new leases on life, readers share their most poignant moments of joy.

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Beautiful sunset in the Carpathian Mountains Ukraine.

A new morning

The sunrise my father and I watched standing at the top of one of the Smoky Mountains. —Marilyn M., Huntington, Indiana. For more real miracles check out these miraculous medical recoveries.

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The old barn roof against the sky

Safe and sound

Our son fell 40 feet off his barn roof onto cement and didn’t break any bones. —Ladonna S., George, Iowa

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Martin Novak/Shutterstock

Found again

All the factors that came together to help me find the daughter I had given up for adoption. —Sandy M., Soda Springs, Idaho. These are the most heartwarming acts of kindness in 2018.

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Bumblebees are a widely distributed social insects known for their ability to collect nectar from flowers and pollinate plants. Bumblebees are large yellow and black flying insects with a unique buzz.
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Mother Nature

A bumblebee flying. —Karen D., Inverness, Florida

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Aerial of the Pentagon, the Department of Defense headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, near Washington DC

Still safe

My husband getting out of the Pentagon on 9/11. —Patti G., Fort Bliss, Texas. Sometimes real miracles happen because of the kindness of strangers. Try these random acts of kindness that don’t cost a cent.

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New electric oven in kitchen
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

A mother’s intuition

The way my mother always knew I was coming home, even when I tried to surprise her. She would always have that extra baked potato in the oven. —G. E. G., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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Close up men hands. Young men do yoga indoors on black mat. Guy exercising yoga with a black background in gym. Young men meditating in lotus posture closeup

Powering through

Losing my wife and business and surviving bankruptcy all at once, without dying of stress. —Jack K., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Hands of an old woman with a cane

A second chance

During a serious kidney stone attack at age 37, I went into a coma and saw a light at the end of a tunnel. I regained consciousness and lived. I am now 88 years old. —Euphemia R., Arcadia, California. These inspirational quotes will help you see the world as these people do.

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Grandparents playing with their granddaughter


Understanding how and why my grandfather acted like he did, now that I have grandchildren of my own. —Steve M., Sunapee, New Hampshire

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Hands of an nigerian couple. She is wearing an engagement ring.

Finding the one

Some would say that my actually getting married was a miracle. —Don L., Sherman Oaks, California

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View over the south and north rim part in grand canyon from the helicopter, USA


The Grand Canyon. —Kimberly V., Orrville, Ohio

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Biplane in blue Sky over clouds
Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock

Landing safely

I survived flying into a thunderstorm in a small airplane. It required more than my piloting skills. I was being watched over. —Bill B., Versailles, Kentucky. These stories prove that good karma is real.

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Cheerful beautiful mamma and her baby playing smiling rejoicing lying on bed at home.
Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

New life

The births of my children and grandchildren. —MaryLou M., Ooltewah, Tennessee

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Ginger Cat with collar sitting in the room

Every day

The days are filled with miracles: a flower blooming, my heart beating, the purr of a cat, the Internet. —Barbara F., Penfield, New York

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In love with his city. Side view of pensive young man in headphones looking away while standing on the bridge

New page

I feel that someone turning his life around for the better is a miracle. —Susan D., Stanford, Montana

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Happy couple kissing

Big hearts

Love for the unlovable. —Mary C., Mount Vernon, Ohio

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Close up black woman and man in love sitting on couch two people holding hands. Symbol sign sincere feelings, compassion, loved one, say sorry. Reliable person, trusted friend, true friendship concept


Forgiveness. —Laura W., Aston, Pennsylvania. Try these simple acts of kindness that you can do in under two minutes.

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road rainbow trees sky summer


Our son died of a brain tumor at 17. On the second anniversary of his death, as I was driving to work, a double rainbow appeared in the clear sky. One end was on the road in front of us and the other at the cemetery where he was buried. —Peggy H., Boone, North Carolina

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Modern kitchen interior with electric and microwave oven

New technology

Microwave ovens. Color TV. Finding someone who actually loves me for who I am. —Steve R., Athens, Pennsylvania

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Law scales.
Billion Photos/Shutterstock


Our country has gone from slavery to the election of an African American president. —Colleen D., Bonner Springs, Kansas. These heartwarming true stories will restore your faith in humanity.

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Yulia Grigoryeva

Giving back

Being able to have enough income to share with others less fortunate. —Carol S., Islamorada, Florida

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House fire close up
Ron Frank/Shutterstock

Life lessons

I was saved in a fire by the vision of my first-grade teacher telling me how to survive. —Larry W., Pahokee, Florida

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Laughing young couple sitting on a road together taking a break from a run on an overcast day
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New feelings

Hearts changed. —Suzi E., Howell, Michigan. Check out these heartwarming stories of good deeds from neighbors.

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hand writes with a pen in a notebook

Written love

A father who wrote poems to his wife and loved her forever. —Joanne L., Plymouth, Michigan

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Women Breast Cancer Support Charity Concept

Beating cancer

Surviving two cancers for almost ten years! —Connie R., Denver, North Carolina

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American Football and Helmet on the Field with room for copy
David Lee/Shutterstock

Champions (someday)

One I haven’t witnessed is the Vikings winning a Super Bowl. —Jann W., Maple Grove, Minnesota

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Interracial couple sharing music at home love, leisure and music concept


The miracle of friendship. —Regina W., Columbus, Ohio. Everyday heroes are also the cause of a lot of real miracles.

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