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8 Tricks You Can Try to Remove Scratches From Furniture

Updated: May 25, 2021

A gouge or scratch will spoil the look of a tabletop. Dust the affected area and clean it with a microfiber cloth, then try one of these remedies to match the color and texture of your table.

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Pour coffee on it

Make a small cup of very strong coffee and apply it to the scratch with a soft cloth. This should stain the exposed wood to the darker color of the finished wood.

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Color it in

Hide the scratch by rubbing it with a little shoe polish of a matching color. Alternatively, try an eyebrow pencil—soft, oil-based, and brown colored—ideal for camouflaging anything from small surface scratches to deeper ones.

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Fill it with crayon wax

If the scratch is deeper, raid your children’s wax crayon set. Grate part of a crayon into a small bowl; rest the bowl in a pan of boiling water to melt the wax, then drip the wax into the gouge, smoothing it with a flat knife. You can mix a color to match your wood by adding shavings from crayons of several colors.

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Rub a walnut on it

Nut oils are perfect for repairing damaged wood. Rub a walnut kernel over a scratch to diminish it, or apply a little walnut oil with a soft cloth.

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Smear on some peanut butter

Peanut butter makes a good beauty treatment for damaged wood. Rub a little on, leave it for an hour or so, then clean and buff.

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Add a bit of petroleum jelly

Smear petroleum jelly over a scratch and leave it overnight. It might help the surrounding wood to plump up and fill in the scratch. Wipe away in the morning and polish the surface.

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Wipe it out with car polish

On a French-polished tabletop, try removing the scratch with car polish. Take care to polish lightly so that you don’t rub away the rest of the finish.

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Spread mayonnaise over it

Treat cracked wood with a little mayonnaise for two to three days. Oils in the mayo will help swell the wood and fill the crack.

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