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12 Things Retirees Should Always Buy at Costco

Updated: Aug. 05, 2021

These are the great deals Costco offers beyond bulk foods.

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Consider visiting the eye doctor at Costco, and purchasing your glasses there as well. According to Mike Molitoris, the managing director of Flagship Wealth Management Group, L.L.C., Costco has deals for all your eye health needs—at an affordable price. “The examination fees are reasonable if you don’t have insurance and the best part is you can get some pretty good deals on eyeglasses in store,” Molitoris says. “Be sure to watch for coupons that will enhance your savings.” You should start saving for retirement as early as possible—that’s one of the retirement facts you need to take seriously.

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Closeup senior woman with electronic hearing aid in her hand. Health care, hear disorder, device for the deaf.

Hearing aids

Krista Fabregas, a retail and shopping analyst for FitSmallBusiness.com, says that hearing aids are often very economical at Costco as well as eyeglasses. Plus, Costco conducts free hearing screenings at their Hearing Aid Centers. “They also have an excellent deal on highly-rated hearing aids,” Fabregas says. “The Kirkland Signature™ 8.0 Premium Digital Hearing Instruments are $1,600 for a pair. Compare that to hearing aids that can cost as much as $2,500 per ear—and aren’t covered by Medicare—and Costco is quite a deal.” 

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Molitoris finds that Costco is a great store for prescriptions too. “If you are already purchasing your eyeglasses at Costco, why not fill up yours and Fido’s prescription,” he says. “Costco offers competitive pricing on pharmaceuticals for you and your pets.” Now that’s a great shopping perk only Costco members know about.

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For a flu shot or shingles vaccination, you don’t even need a Costco membership, Business Insider reports. And according to Consumer Reports, Costco offers the lowest prices for immunizations without insurance.

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Walking and shower aids

Costco has an extensive selection of economically priced medical and aging-related products, according to Fabregas. Plus, mobility-challenged seniors can conveniently shop and price-compare items such as shower chairs against other sellers online, and Costco’s delivery is generally free, Fabregas says.

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Retirees should be buying their books at Costco since they spend so much of their time reading. According to U.S. News & World Report, the typical American only spends 19 minutes per day reading. Meanwhile, seniors over 75 spend an hour each day reading, and people between 65 and 75 read for more than half an hour on weekdays, per U.S. News & World Report. Kiplinger.com reports bestsellers such as The President Is Missing and Lincoln’s Last Trial both sell for less at Costco than Target or Amazon, among other books.

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Anti-aging supplements and cosmetics

According to Fabregas, both supplements and cosmetics are generally more affordable at Costco. Kirkland senior multivitamins go for about $12.99 for 400—nearly half of what you pay for Centrum Silver. The same goes for name-brand anti-aging lotions and serums like StriVectin and Perricone MD, Fabregas says. “They are about 30 percent less than prices in beauty and department stores,” she adds, making them some of the best Kirkland items you should be buying at Costco. 

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Red and white wine in bottles in wine shop

Wines and meats

Retirees who love entertaining will get the most bang for their buck shopping for wines and meats at Costco. Fabregas says items such as beef tenderloins are a fraction of the price compared to grocery stores. “Costco’s wine selection is legendary too, with ample choices among private-label and top U.S.-produced and imported vintages—all at great prices,” Fabregas says. Also consider stocking up on these foods nutritionists always buy at Costco

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Gift cards

Retirees, workers, and students alike should all take advantage of Costco’s excellent deal on gift cards. According to thekrazycouponlady.com, both movie and restaurant gift cards sell for 20 percent less than face value.

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Passport photos

According to a 2016 research study commissioned by Merrill Lynch, Overseas Adventure Travel—the first U.S. travel company to design adventure trips for age 50+ travelers—saw business jump 67 percent in a decade. With more retirees traveling, passport photos are a good investment. At Costco, you don’t have to spend the $15 most Post Offices charge for two new passport photos. In fact, kiplinger.com reports four headshots at Costco cost only $4.99. Here are some other surprising, bizarre things you never knew you could get at Costco.

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Car rentals

If traveling by car, Costco’s rental service is worth considering. Costco Executive Members not only enjoy low car prices, but they can add an extra driver without additional charges, Forbes reports. Also, you don’t have to buy an entire vacation package just to rent a car.

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Cruise packages

If you would prefer to travel by boat, you can book Costco cruises with additional perks. Not only will Costco cruise prices be lower, but they often offer food and beverage credits for select packages, according to Forbes. Costco shoppers will also want to know the many other Costco secrets employees won’t tell you.

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