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10 Timeless Fall Fashion Staples You Need in Your Closet

Layering up for chillier weather is a cinch when you own these must-have pieces.

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Whether you call it a military jacket, a lightweight parka, or an anorak, the truth is that this is one of the biggest workhorses of your fall wardrobe. Look for one that has drawstrings at the waist to help define your waist—this will especially come in handy when you’re layering bulky sweaters underneath. It’s a casual piece that immediately conjures up jeans, tees, and boots, but also try mixing it up and wearing it to work. Zipped up over a pencil skirt, it’s a stylish replacement for a blouse; you can also layer it with neutral colored maxi dresses to get a little more life out of your summer clothes.

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Soft pants

Jeans will always be a year-round staple, but try switching it up with some soft pants this season. Soft pants are a hybrid between the sturdiness of denim and the softness of sweats, and can be worn both casually and dressed up for work or date night. Look for pants made from cotton and cotton-blends for maximum softness; they’ll often have drawstring or tie-front waists. If you’re worried about anything showing through, find a blouse that falls beneath your hips to ensure that your behind is well-covered.

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Striped shirt

A striped shirt will get you from weekend to work day easily with a little ingenuity. You can wear it as is with jeans and your favorite pair of ballet flats for a very Parisian look, or you can layer it under sweaters, cardigans, blazers or even shift dresses for a preppy, pulled-together look. If you plan on layering, go for something made from lightweight cotton; it’ll make putting items over it much easier. Here are the style secrets of women who always look put together even when the weather gets a little chilly.

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Mid-weight scarf

The scarf is nothing new, but it gets updated each season and it’s an easy investment piece that you’ll end up wearing time and time again. A neutral color like navy, grey, or taupe will be a nice complement to any outfit. Cotton blends with some heft to them are best for giving your body the warmth it’s seeking.

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The great thing about the bootie is that it’s evolved over time and now there are so many options: flat, stacked heel, block heel, round toe, pointy toe—it can be overwhelming. Start simple with a one-to-two-inch heel in a toe shape that feels comfortable to you. Don’t be discouraged if the boots feel stiff; you can soften up the leather by walking around the house in them in thick socks. Learn 11 genius tips to make your shoes last longer.

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Boxy sweater

An oversized, boxy sweater shape will become your best friend in fall months. The looser fit helps make layering button downs underneath them a snap. Look for something that skims away from your body in an A-line shape to help hide the bulk of anything layered underneath it. You can opt for a cropped style, just be sure to avoid these 12 fashion mistakes that make you look messy.

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A solid tote

While you can get away with a smaller crossbody bag in summer, fall requires a larger bag. You’ll have plenty of room to stash your sweater, scarf, and gloves inside a tote on days when the weather is unpredictable. Newer totes have all sorts of technology pockets to make organizing your life easier, so you’ll never have to search for your phone or favorite lipstick. Check out these classic handbags every woman should own.

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Burgundy suede skirt, black boots and red leaves. Fashionable concept.

Burgundy skirt

Every fall, the color of the season is undoubtedly a deep burgundy or maroon. The best way to wear this color is in the style of a midi skit like this one. Midi skirts flatter every body type and are a great way to feel dressed up when it gets cooler without having to wear pants since it has more length than your favorite summer mini skirt. If your legs need a little extra protection from the bitter wind, wear a pair of tights underneath for some major layering action. Burgundy is even a major go to color when it comes to mastering fall and winter makeup.

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Leather jacket

The leather jacket has been around for over 100 years and was made cool by Marlon Brando in the 1950s, according to Business Insider. Today, leather jackets should be a fall fashion staple thanks to how it can take a simple outfit right over the edge. If you wear a leather jacket over the basic jeans and a T-shirt outfit, you look casual and cool. Throw one on while wearing a midi skirt, and you’ve taken something sweet to super edgy.

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Black turtleneck

Let’s take a minute to take a hint from the late Apple founder Steve Jobs who wore a black turtleneck every day. Though you might not want to wear the same shirt every day during the fall, a black turtleneck is sliming and can streamline your entire outfit — especially when worn with skinny jeans and a pair of classic booties. You instantly look like you can be the next tech billionaire in a black turtleneck, which isn’t a bad look if you ask me. Next, find out these sneaky tips to make you look slimmer in any outfit at any time of the year.