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The Best Jewelry Trends of 2023

Updated: Jan. 23, 2023

We turned to two experts to reveal the trendy jewelry you'll want to rock in 2023.

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Never underestimate the power of jewelry. Any ordinary jeans-and-a-tee outfit can instantly be elevated with trendy jewelry, like a simple collar necklace, dramatic, shoulder-grazing earrings or an eye-catching ring. The same can be said for any ensemble, no matter your style.

Whether you prefer minimalist stud earrings and understated necklaces, or simply don’t feel dressed without a bold cuff and hand decorated with show-stopping cocktail rings, there are fresh trends that’ll feel right in line with your style. With the help of George Khalife—aka George the Jeweler—and Sally Rong, founder of Rellery, we’ve highlighted eight trendy jewelry styles you’ll want to rock this year. Read on to be inspired.

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Silver bijouterie chain on woman neck. Close-up.
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Big and bold

Khalife is calling it now: 2023 will be the year of the statement jewelry piece. Dust off your eye-catching necklaces, cuff bracelets and oversized rings—and perhaps add a few new trendy jewelry pieces to your collection. No need to go overboard by wearing them all at once, though.

“My approach to styling a bold look is simple,” he says. “Let the statement piece speak for itself.” Say you choose to rock a statement necklace. Pair it with a matching (but more understated) bracelet or ring. “For example, wear a thick Cuban link choker with a similar link chain bracelet and add some thin diamond bands,” says Khalife. “You have created a straight-off-the-runway look.”

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Small and dainty

On the opposite side of the trendy jewelry spectrum from a standout statement piece: pretty and petite pieces. “To me, this is elegance,” says Khalife. Think barely-there stud earrings and a slim necklace—no stacking or layering necessary. It’s classy, it’s simple and it makes accessorizing in the morning a breeze.

Khalife is leaning into this trend himself. “I took off all my layered bracelets and keep the look clean with a simple solid paperclip link bracelet and a thin tennis bracelet,” he says.

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Bracelets and ring on the hand of a young woman close-up, part of body.
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Silver jewelry

While gold will always be a mainstay in your jewelry box—especially since the 14-karat gold color looks good on all skin tones—silver jewelry will see an uptick in popularity this year. Want to get in on this trend? Shop for chunky statement silver jewelry and Gothic-inspired pieces. “Silver jewelry has a cool, versatile color that is easy to wear,” says Rong.

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Flower Bracelet Gettyimages 1083779318
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Floral motifs

No need to save your flowery jewelry solely for the warmer months. Rong says floral motifs will continue to be popular in jewelry year-round. “Flowers are not only pretty and playful but also meaningful and unique,” she says.

Just think: You could wear your birth month flower, home state’s flower or your mother’s favorite. For enamel pieces that are available in various colors, lean towards neutral and earthy tones for the fall and winter. Then, when spring comes around, break out your brighter colors.

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Beautiful golden Bracelet with diamonds
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Tennis bracelets and necklaces

Classic tennis bracelets and necklaces are getting a 2023 update. “While the traditional design of tennis necklaces and bracelets featured simple diamonds in a row, we’re now seeing a wide range of styles and variations,” says Rong.

Shop for designs with various colors—such as turquoise, emerald, pink or even rainbow—or tennis jewelry that combines various metal chains, like a paperclip or pearls. No need to stick to a simple stone either. Varying sizes, like graduating stones, and shapes, such as round, oval and triangle, modernize the always-in-style look.

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Custom Letter Necklace Gettyimages 1340114622
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Playful custom designs

Nameplate necklaces (à la Carrie Bradshaw) and pieces of jewelry boasting your initial have been front-and-center as a jewelry trend for a while, and they aren’t going anywhere. For a 2023 spin on this eternally trendy jewelry, get creative with personalized pieces. Opt for whimsical bubble letters or a statement chain, like a paperclip or a Cuban link style.

“Getting your nameplate made in gold cursive or the Old English font was a favorite style for the last few years, but now many people are looking for names, dates, initials and even city names in a more playful style,” says Khalife. “Pieces like this go with everything and can be dressed up or down—great for everyday wear.”

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Closeup shot of a key pearl necklace worn by a Caucasian female.
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Statement pearls

“Pearl pieces continue to be a jewelry trend that is not going away,” says Rong. While you may associate the traditional look with your grandmother and a turtleneck, pearls are making a fresh comeback. Thanks to celebrities, like Kate Middleton, Harry Styles and Hailey Bieber, pearls have more recently been worn to accessorize casual looks that pair with all occasions, from a kiddo’s soccer game to a fundraising party to a book club.

And don’t be afraid to go big with your pearls, either. “For 2023, we’re expecting to see more statement pearl pieces and pearl jewelry with different sizes and shapes,” Rong notes.

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Closed up of trendy woman outfit wearing white shirt and heart shape neckless.
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Heart shape

Wear your heart on your sleeve—or on your wrist, neck, ears or fingers. Take one look at the runways and you’ll see heart-shaped jewelry everywhere. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the trend into your everyday look, from oversized earrings to pendant necklaces and charm bracelets. For a real “aww” moment, opt for a locket with your loved ones’ pictures inside.