Avon Pool in Avon, Ohio

"Super kids save the city of Avon"

Ohio’s very own fleet of real-life Avengers. (Credit: Ali Bader)

Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio is an organization all about resilience and doing good, and who embodies those things better than superheroes? Members dress as your favorite superheroes and go to see pediatric cancer patients in costume, allowing them a visit from their favorite caped crusaders. They bring radiant smiles to patients’ faces, and visits leave kids battling cancer (and their families) beaming brighter than the bat signal. If you ask us, that’s justice.

Stories About Avon Pool

This September will be the second year that our Super Kids (children fighting adversity, medical or otherwise) save the city of Avon from the costumed villains. Last year, the Super Kids saved the day side-by-side with their favorite superheroes to rescue the mayor of Avon from the Joker. As a member of Superheroes to Kids, we work all year to write scripts and choreograph the scenes in order to ensure that we provide the best possible experience to our very deserving Super Kids! Our Superheroes to Kids performs random acts of kindness throughout the Northeastern Ohio are but the Save the City event in Avon is our largest of the year.

Super Kids suited up and ready to rescue their town from the likes of bad guys. (Credit: Ali Bader)