Berwick, ME

"Small-town America"

Bridge between the Maine and New Hampshire border. (Credit: Katie Marcucci)

I’ve had the pleasure to live in Maine for only a short time, but I love it. It’s a five minute walk from Berwick to the border of Sommerworth, New Hampshire. I moved here from San Diego for work and knew no one, but found the people are so wonderful and giving, from the woman who never met me and offered me a place to stay to the town hall folks and the gas station attendants. Everyone had a kind word for me as a stranger, and welcomed me with open arms. People stop in the street to talk to each other (even in their cars). They hold small gatherings at the cemetery on the appropriate holidays to honor their veterans, and have ice cream trucks in the summer loaded with goodies and good attitudes. It’s a truly pleasurable place to be. The level of kindness is amazing and heart-warming in today’s society.

Deb and her family in their Berwick home. (Credit: Katie Marcucci)

Stories About Berwick

I was looking for a place to live and Berwick is so small there are virtually no apartments for rent. Deb, the woman who extended me the job offer, found out I was struggling to find a home and she offered me hers. She had never met me and had only spoken to me twice on the phone. When I got to her place, she had a room ready, helped me unload my car, took me grocery shopping in New Hampshire (which was shocking to me, we were closer to New Hampshire shopping than Maine shopping), and for the first few weeks drive me to work until I got the lay of the land. She shared her family with me. Before I knew it, I was going to every family gathering and treated as if I had been a part of the family my entire life.

I got very sick shortly after I moved there and Deb stayed up till the early hours of the morning when I got home from the ER, and then took leave to take me to all my doctor’s appointments and get my medication. She took me home and cared for me as if I was her family. I fell in love with one of her dogs (Poppy) and was honored when a few years after I had moved away, she offered me Poppy who I loved and missed very much. She put ultimate trust in me to care for her family member as she cared for me. I still get teary-eyed when I think of all she did for me, and best of all I have my best friend Poppy now to share my life with. She’s been a continual friend and important part of my life and always will be.