Bordentown, NJ

"The little city with a lot of charm" and "We care for everyone, even our furry ones"

When a local resident lost his life at war, the town pulled together to remember and honor him. (Credit: Anne Lyon)

When most people think of New Jersey, “nice” does not come to mind, but Bordentown City is the type of place where you want to buy your first home, raise your kids, and live out your life. When you walk down Farnsworth Avenue, the main street, people smile and say hello. Within this one square mile, you will find a neighborhood with houses of various age, size and condition along with people in the same state. Bordentown is full of pocket parks. Thanks to continued efforts by our commissioners and other active groups, we have gazebos in locations all over town, some of them in hidden spots.

We look out for each other, even if we don’t always agree with each other. People who move away from Bordentown for whatever reason often feel the urge to move back, because this place feels like home.

We have less than 4000 residents, but we have more nice people than many larger suburban areas.

When I was looking to buy a house, I had just come out of looking at the house I now own when the next door neighbor called out, “Buy it! You’ll love the neighbors!”

So I did, and he was right. Even though this street and the entire city, for that matter, have evolved over the 26 years that I’ve lived here, I still feel that way.

Community parties are common in this community-oriented place. (Credit: Anne Lyon)

In this tiny town, people donate huge amounts of food to the local food pantry and huge amounts of money and clothing to people who have lost everything in a fire. Bordentown people are volunteers, serving on fire and rescue squads, working at church fundraisers, and taking care of people who are down on their luck.

One church has put a cabinet outside containing non perishable foods encouraging people to take what you need and leave what you can. People are friendly and greet each other. If you need help, it is willingly given.

While still new to the town I found the library but knew there must be a shorter route home. I tried to ask the librarian but as soon as ladies looked at my cane, they insisted upon driving me home. In October the transmission went out on my car in the middle of an intersection. Almost immediately three cars stopped and three young men pushed me into a safe zone. One stayed with me in his car until help came.

When my 97 year old friend was sick and languishing in a rehab in winter 2015-16, a simple request on Facebook netted lots of cards to cheer her up, even from people who didn’t know her.

One of my neighbors has spent a lot of time and effort over the last year helping someone she didn’t even know recover from illness and get his affairs in order again.

On warm evenings, the neighbor at the end of our street, which ends in a carriage turn around, puts out cones to create a safe zone for the little children to ride their bikes or skate. That same spot overlooking the river is where a small group meets twice a week to do tai chi. About one a week during the warm months, people from town meet there with their bikes to take an hour or so ride.

When one of our own was killed in the Middle East, the entire town turned out, standing for hours in the frigid weather to honor him, along with fire and rescue trucks. This effort prevented a hate group from disrupting the funeral of this fine young man.

Halloween is celebrated big time here, with a huge parade and a party on one special street that goes all out every year.

Bordentown City is famous for its annual Halloween parade. Everyone gets into it. (Credit: Anne Lyon)
Sometimes block parties get big! (Credit: Anne Lyon)

Caring for Our Furry Friends

Anyone and everyone in need is cared for, even our animal friends. We have an organization that feeds and cares for homeless cats.

Facebook networking groups bring lost pets home. So many dogs and cats stray. People take pictures and post into Facebook groups until the owners are found, sometimes keeping them for days.

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