Bowling Green, KY

"The capital of kindness"

We live in Woodstock, IL and always thought that midwesterners were nice people. Our daughter decided to look at colleges in Kentucky and that brought us to Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. We have been there four times now to check out the school and attend registration. Every single time we go we’re amazed at how nice everyone is. From the university staff to the citizens of Bowling Green, everyone is welcoming and polite. We come home telling everyone what a wonderful experience we have. Not to mention how we don’t feel that nice in IL anymore.

On one of our visits to WKU, the admissions counselor suggested we check out a new restaurant on the historic Bowling Green square. As we were walking towards it, our daughter noticed some cute dresses in the boutique window of The Pink Daisy. There were two women running the store who turned out to be a mother/daughter team. They reminded me of characters from the show, “Designing Women.” They were so beautiful, kind, and impeccably dressed. 

Within minutes of entering the store, they asked us, “What brings you to Bowling Green today?” Abby was quick to say,”I have decided to attend WKU in the fall!” They were beyond elated and immediately started welcoming her to the school and town. They gave us their cell phone numbers — just in case she needed an emergency dentist recommendation or her car broke down and invited her to dinner when she arrived on campus. If she needed spending money, the daughter offered up babysitting her children. The mother said she would be happy to hire her to work at the boutique. Sure, their offers were kind, but it was in the way they did it that left us all speechless. Their sincerity was so genuine. 

By the time we left the store, we were all hugging and I was holding back tears. Bowling Green is far from our home and to see that Abby would have a second family if she needed anything – it made the entire choice of WKU feel familiar and perfect. Later that day, I messaged the mother at the store and thanked her for her kindness. She wrote right back and said, “I meant every single word of it.”

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