Brandy’s Porch in Boonville, MO

"The porch"

Brandy beckons. (Credit: Lila Huebert)

There’s a place I go to for coffee, friendship, and — sometimes — a little drama. It’s not a local bar or coffee shop. My friendly place to go to is Brandy’s front porch. She’s a full time mother with five boys and an amazing husband. When she gets home from work and I’m not already waiting on the porch, she’ll text me and say, “I’m on the porch.” The shoes goes on and the drive is short. When you pull up to her house, she’s already waiting for you with a coffee or tea. Her smile draws you up on the porch like a gentle breeze. There is advice given, advice taken, and tears shared that often ends in the grasping of hands and prayers sent up!

Extra chairs are always stacked nearby for surprise visitors. (Credit: Lila Huebert)

Stories About Brandy’s Porch

Now there is nothing fancy about this group of women who somehow just know that the girls are on the porch. We’re a cross between Steel Magnolias and the Diving Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,¬†though we probably have more in common with the Ya-Ya Sisters. We share the best recipes and give our most humble opinions on everyone’s “situation.” The conversation does not fade or falter, but stay on your toes, as you may have to duck a flying toy tossed across the porch from time to time. This is not a seasonal porch. Fall approaches, the jackets go on, and the space heater comes out. The leaves change and neighbors meander up from the sidewalk to the porch for a short visit. The day light gets shorter, but the stories get longer. When the snow starts falling, the beach-themes shower curtain goes up to block the wind.

All kinds of nurturing takes place on the porch. (Credit: Lila Huebert)
There’s always room for a few more. (Credit: Lila Huebert)