Brevard, NC

"We make Brevard home"

No, those aren’t bowling balls. Competitors make their releases at Troy’s Pumpkin Roll Fundraiser. (Credit: Kathy Visco)

Our community is small most of the year, but we have a busy summer tourist season. We treat all our visitors as locals, and make them feel at home in our town. Our volunteers keep the town clean and the trails safe for all of us. We have free music festivals and downtown art gallery walks each month, where were serve complimentary food and drinks. We have over 20 sculptures and over 11 murals throughout our town that we all take pride in.

Stories About Brevard

We have many fundraisers for anyone who needs it, mostly for people fighting cancer or illnesses, or if someone needs help paying for a loved ones funeral expenses. We had a father of four fighting a terminal illness who we all came together for, hosting a large silent auction with plenty of donated food and beverages on a beautiful farm pavilion. It was a very touching event. We have street races including one to raise money for scholarships in memory of a local soldier who died overseas. We are home to many nonprofit organizations, community gardens, community kitchens, and food banks.

Rubber ducks are off and quacking at the summer Duck Race Fundraiser. (Credit: Kathy Visco)