Brookfield Neighborhood in Gainesville, Fl

"Housewives of Brookfield"

The neighborhood gathers for fun by the pool. (Credit: Melissa Williams)

This is truly a community. I moved into this neighborhood in June of last year because my best friend and several other close friends lived here. My son was riding his bike through the neighborhood on Veterans Day and was hit by a car. Luckily he was wearing a helmet and the worst was a broken leg but the outpouring of love and support from the community was like nothing I have ever seen. By the following morning, we had food, gifts and, more importantly, kids and friends stopping by to check on us for days. We have a monthly book club, and an annual July 4th and New Years Eve party for families at our community pool. I grew up in Gainesville but this neighborhood is home.

Stories About Brookfield

As stated above the out pouring of support after my son had an accident was overwhelming. Radley in the neighborhood is on a committee for a local charity and sent word out for time and location and a dozen families showed up for support. Several of the kids are on the baseball team and there are always parties at the pool.

The community gathers for a charity event. (Credit: Melissa Williams)