Chandler, AZ

"Happy in Chandler"

Boxes of goods donated by townspeople for a homeless lady and her dog. (Credit: Holly Zoba)

We have a 60,000-strong Facebook group for our city — living Chandler — that is all about people helping people. It is amazing. It has really created a kind and connected and positive community. We as a very large group do good things for one another every day.

Stories About Chandler

We do cash mobs. One time a donut shop had a car drive through its window so we organized a day for everyone in the city to come in and buy donuts to help this small business survive. Hundreds of people came, bought donuts and also donated to get the building repaired. We have done this several times.

One of our downtown restaurant owners gives away hugs and organized a giant hugs-a-thon!

There was a homeless woman and her dog and the community got together to give her food, clothes, dog food, a hair cut, more clothes, to really give her a second chance. It was amazing.