Charlton, MA

"Best town in central Massachusetts"

Folks pitching in when a road needs to be cleared. (Credit: Sheila Hokanson)

People here are very friendly and willing to help each other out. We have a great Senior community that have lived here most if not all of their lives. Second and third generations are bringing up their families also.

A family enjoying their porch in “the city.” (Credit: Sheila Hokanson)

Stories About Charlton

Here in the area I live in is called “the city” and people all know each other and meet people at the post office for conversation. We also have the best bakery for desserts and cakes. Our small cafes are where people meet up to socialize and have great food. There is plenty to do and places to see. Our library is one of the best and our recreational areas are great for sports for our young people. What’s not to love about a small town?

Happy Mother’s Day, Charlton moms! (Credit: Sheila Hokanson)
Pee-wees play ball! (Credit: Sheila Hokanson)