Christ Church in Fairgrove, NC

"We love you before we meet you"

When the waitstaff was overwhelmed, church members got up to help during a lunch outing. (Credit: Colleen Kinslow)

People truly care about one another. Friendship, laughter, tears, hugs, food, and clothes are all shared freely. Our concern goes beyond the moment too, as others will often follow up with you later in the week.

Stories About Christ Church

When my husband and I showed up for the first time in our old Chevy van with six men from an adult care home, we were greeted like beloved members of the family, and the men were escorted from the van like it was a limo. There were greetings and sharing of coffee and pastries. It kept us coming back. Never have we been loved so well…and when I say “we” I mean ALL of us.

When a woman came to church struggling with addiction she was treated the same as anyone else who walks in the door. She was invited to groups, lunch, and fellowship. She was hugged and loved. When she didn’t return, we still reached out to her and she was still loved. It’s not about her attendance at church, but her knowledge that she’s worthy of love.