The Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS

"This house is welcome to everyone"

Parishioners who welcomed Betty into their church with open arms. (Credit: Betty Swisher)

First, it was a smile, a handshake and a “Good Morning” greeting. I got to know names when the church attendance book was passed along the row. Then I connected names with faces. Before long, those seated behind and in front of me were not strangers anymore. One person was missing from our section for a length of time. Calls were made asking, “Are you alright?” All of us were glad to see our friend back. One man was warmly welcomed on his return after mourning the death of his wife. We care for one another. I know if I am ever weary, sick, or carry a heavy burden, my friends at this holy place, will stand beside me.  This small group of loving people seated in a section of the largest Methodist church in the United States has exhibited to me the meaning of, “None of us lives to himself….”

We have hundreds of volunteers at Christmas and Easter services and other church events that are eager to greet, usher, work in the parking lots, and sit with small children and help in other ways. The people who attend are giving, generous people.  They travel to Africa and other places in the world to give one of their many talents; medical, musical, love, engineering and more. No one is turned away from this place no matter what their nationality or skin color is.  Our pastor, Adam Hamilton is an excellent teacher, preacher, and a genuine human being.

Members of the church are seated and ready to hear the Sunday liturgy from their favorite pastor, Adam Hamilton. (Credit: Betty Swisher)

After an enlightening hour in this place, I leave with a song in my heart.