Corinth, MS

"Real-life Mayberry U.S.A."

A pancake fundraiser for kids at Waldron Street Christian Church. (Credit: Delores Topliff)

Here, when you meet people for the first time instead of asking where you live or where you work, they ask, “Where do you go to church?” Locals describe this small genteel town as TV’s Mayberry, U.S.A. So far, I agree. Horns don’t even honk in traffic!

Southern warmth, hospitality, gentility, good manners, generous spirit, and more are common here. Neighbors bring by cookies, rolls, quiche, and the best homemade pecan pie I’ve ever tasted and teach me how to pronounce words with Southern flair. Even Walmart’s staff and shoppers are modestly dressed, well-behaved, and patient — quite different from the hectic northern super-centers I try to avoid after dark.

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The local Kiwanis are active in town