Crystal Falls, MI

"Little town on the hill"

An old water tower in Crystal Falls gets a makeover. (Credit: Deborah Koszyk)

We moved here from Chicago in 1990, it was so beautiful just six hours outside the city. It’s like stepping back to your childhood, you can leave your belongings outside and your car unlocked. You walk down the street and everyone just knows each other. We have Crystal Fresh Market, your freshly remodeled grocery store, where I worked for 17 years. Main Street is sprinkled with little stores, and lights up for our Fourth of July celebrations, Bass Festival, and football games. We have a new coffeeshop and bakery on the way, right next to Crystal Falls relics like the court house, post office, church, and gas station all at the top of the hill.

Stories About Crystal Falls

Everyone knows each other, you can come into our grocery store to shop and it’s like we’re neighbors. We know their usual orders, and if we notice they’ve forgotten an item we’ll give them a gentle reminder upon checkout. We talk about our families and offer hugs if they’ve lost a loved one. You just have to come visit our little town for yourself.