Dalhart, TX

"Home of caring people"

Dalhart is home to nice, caring people who aren’t too busy to help and pay it forward.

On a trip to Houston from Denver, after serious rains and flooding in the panhandle of Texas, we hit a major pothole in the road just outside Dalhart. While I was talking with the AAA operator, a truck pulled over; the young driver jumped out, changed the tire in about seven minutes and refused payment. He was on his way to help a farmer, he explained, and noticed we needed help.

Then just last month, on another trip to Houston from Denver, we stopped in Lubbock for the night and had dinner at a local steakhouse. The restaurant was so crowded, we ate at the bar. A couple of men walked up and we helped them get the attention of the overworked bartender. We ate our dinner and asked for the check, but the bartender said it had been paid by the two men we had helped. Turns out they were from Dalhart.