Denton, TX

"Little big D"

Carl Finch of the famous polka band Brave Combo tickles the ivories at the Arts and Jazz Festival. (Credit: Anna Sidoti)
Anything goes at Denton’s community market. (Credit: Anna Sidoti)

Denton has been home to us for over 20 years. In addition to two vibrant college campuses, Texas Women’s University and University of North Texas, Denton offers fresh ideas in music, art, food, theater, sports, and family friendly activities and festivals. Even the local high schools put on great theater productions! There’s even a walking tour Friday and Saturday nights that cover not only ghostly tales, but the history of Denton. I’ve taken the tour several times, and there’s always something new. The downtown square is an eclectic mix of restaurants and shopping opportunities. The new Discover Denton Welcome Center offers products by local artists and information on Denton and the surrounding area. Although it is growing, Denton maintains that small town feel. It seems like everyone knows someone you know, so connections are everywhere.

Stories About Denton

Members of a local church provide a food pantry year round and toy store at Christmastime. Another provides lunch for the needy several times a week. A small bodega has an old, doorless refrigerator outside its shop for folks to share water, packaged food, clothing, and blankets for the those most in need (it’s also stocked by the bodega owners). There are mini libraries around town for folks to share books. Denton is a vibrant town with lots to offer and friendly people everywhere!

DTV Newsbreak – Holiday Lighting Festival

Denton's Holiday Lighting Festival was on Friday, and our cameras were out there to catch all of the action. Watch more DTV Newsbreak at

Posted by City of Denton, TX – City Hall on Monday, 5 December 2016