Duquesne Heights in Pittsburgh, PA

"Suburban relaxation just atop the city"

Residents frequently visit Grandview Overlook for picturesque views of Pittsburgh. (Credit: Carrie Rodzwicz)

Not only does it have spectacular views of the city of Pittsburgh, but the slow pace and mix of residents from all walks of life creates a friendly neighborhood feel.

No one’s afraid to say hello on the sidewalk or pet each other’s dogs. Nobody litters because we’re all too proud of our neighborhood.

Friends celebrate Independence Day with drinks and fireworks. (Credit: Carrie Rodzwicz)

A 90-year-old bartender works alone at a pub and no one bothers him.  If they did, the neighbors would protect him in full force.

No one knows how to celebrate the Fourth of July better than the Duquesne Heights neighbors. (Credit: Carrie Rodzwicz)

Neighbors welcome all of the tourists who come to view our “steel city.” We laugh when they comment they thought it’d be a lot smokier, dirtier, and more polluted.