Eagan, MN

"The nicest 'burb around"

Police participating in the annual “build-a-bike” program. (Credit: Brianna Malecha)

We think Eagan is and has been one of the nicest communities to live, work and play for so many reasons! The community, city and local businesses are all essential pillars to Eagan, MN and they create an atmosphere and environment like no other. The Community: Many find themselves in need from one time to another and are truly blessed by the generosity of others in Eagan. The City: There are countless stories of the amazing Eagan Fire and Police Departments lending a helping hand and making visitors and residents alike feel safe and at ease. Keeping it Local: Eagan’s suburban location lends itself to the perfect blend of everything you love about the cities and the serenity of nature. Eagan is also home to many business savvy individuals and corporations that love to come together to support their wonderful home(s).

Stories About Eagan

Here are some testimonials from all over Eagan:

Jamie P. via NextDoor App: Hi, anyone free that can shovel my driveway. My husband is out of town and have small children that won’t let me out of sight. Message me and let me know your fee. Thanks.

In response: I live on Widgeon Way South of Duckwood, I’ll shovel you out for free. Mike — Kristen H.

NextDoor App: If you’re cleaning out your old/expired makeup please consider not dumping them and donating them to my slowly-growing-into-a-monster pile of crafting supplies!

In response: Pat B. — Oh! I have some nail polish from a project I tried!

Deb M. — I have free items on my curb… lots of everything including eye shadows like what you’re looking for, lots of material for projects, floor lamp and outdoor chair.

Amy M. — Great ideas! I have a lot of nail polish that I want to get rid of, but I don’t want to throw out. How can I drop it off at your door step?

Catherine G. — Our school is getting rid of a whole lot of acrylic paints. Want them?

Barb W. via NextDoor App: Dear neighbors, I am looking for people who like to walk or are getting in shape and who care about keeping Eagan clean. I’m starting a club. I’m calling it “Get Lean and Clean Walking Group.” Here’s how I’m thinking this will work. I’ve created a FB page where I will post outing times and routes. Unless the weather is bad or I’m sick. I will try to regularly go out for a 4-5 mile walk on Tuesday mornings and Sunday afternoons armed with garbage bags, garden gloves and a grabber.

Shelly D. — Awesome! I would love to join you. I do the same thing — I carry a bag when I walk. I’m not on FB so will you have options for those who don’t use FB?

Noreen M. — I would like to join you some Sundays. My husband and I always do a clean the neighborhood in our own town home development every May. Let me know your meeting place.

Gari P. — I’m interested in joining you. Great idea!

Mary P. — Barb, what a wonderful idea! I am so on board with your commitment to keeping Eagan clean. I also pick up trash when I walk. Just went a note to join your group!

Crystal O. — I’m interested in joining this as well. What a wonderful idea!

Shelley D. via NextDoor app: Hello. I’m collecting books and current magazines for Dakota County’s food shelf. Cook books, children’s books, novels for teens and adults, workbooks, coloring books, education books, DVD movies are some great ideas or donations. We also need a magazine rack. Call me. I’ll pick up or you can drop off at my house. You can call me after your yard sale this summer also if you have these items left over. Thanks!

Crystal O. — Thanks for sharing this information! I’ll be spring cleaning soon and am sure I will have books to give away as I go through things

Bev K. — What a great way to recycle!

Tara L. — Hi Shelley. I have two bins of books for you. They are all children’s books. Let me know if I can drop off soon.

Mollie V. — Let me check with our daughters, who are in college to see which of their vast collection of teen novels are available. What a wonderful idea!

Eagan Police via Social Media: Thanks to Northview Elementary 5th graders for inviting Chief McDonald and incoming Chief New to congratulate each of them on their accomplishments! They are thankful for the homemade posters and donuts you presented them with!

The police chief goes to school! (Credit: Brianna Malecha)

Eagan Police via Social Media: Build-A-Bike: Eagan Officers have joined 9 other police departments to build 100 bikes for kids at Thomson Reuters. Officers will give out the bikes with helmets to kids in need of a ride.

Colon Cancer Coalition via Social Media: Thank you City of Eagan for joining so many other towns and cities across Minnesota shining a light on #colorectalcancer tonight. By working together, we can get more Minnesotans screened and prevent this disease. #MNBlue

City of Eagan Original post: We’re lighting the #sperrytower BLUE on March 5 in support of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a statewide effort to increase awareness, screening, & save lives #MNBLUE

A nice Eagan family. (Credit: Brianna Malecha)