Flemingsburg, KY

"Come for the food, stay for the hospitality"

Downtown Flemingsburg is full of historic buildings and architecture. (Credit: Karen Lessard)

Whether you drive or walk through Flemingsburg, people are guaranteed to wave! They will check on their neighbors, take them to church, make cookies and casseroles, and stop by when a loved one passes or just because they’re thinking of you!

Stories About Flemingsburg

My mom is 79 and will walk at least two miles to a few different houses to pick up ladies and get them out of the house to walk. She does this because she cares about their health, both mental and physical. This is a town where people still care about and know their neighbors. They’re not afraid to say hello and lend a helping hand. I wish all cities and towns could adopt these random acts of kindness.

Flemingsburg was once home to James J. Andrews, a Union operative during the Civil War. (Credit: Karen Lessard)