Franklin, TN

"Franklin: where people and pets are welcome!"

A little girl asks Cinderella for her autograph at Pumpkinfest. (Credit: Jennifer Rader)

Franklin has some of the nicest and friendliest people who call it home. People like Jimmy Gentry, who has opened his family farm for 75+ years to the community for a kids’ summer camp and to the public every fall for the harvest season. Family-friendly festivals like Pumpkinfest and Dickens of a Christmas are held throughout the year on the historic downtown streets.

Kids participating as characters at Dickens of a Christmas. (Credit: Jennifer Rader)

The city is filled with passionate people who save and restore historic buildings. The Franklin Theatre operated for 70 years before closing for needed repairs. After years of tireless fundraising, the theatre reopened in 2010.

Another aspect that sets downtown Franklin apart is that it is also pet-friendly. There are 80+ businesses in the historic downtown that either welcome pets in their business or on their patios — they even set water bowls outside their doors for thirsty animals. It is really nice to be able to enjoy being downtown with your pet!

A dog quenches his thirst at one of the many businesses that place water bowls outside of their doors. (Credit: Jennifer Rader)
Bari Beasley and her family share their pet dog, Lil’ Annie with their neighbor Mr. Jimmy, who has formed a unique bond with the pup. (Credit: Jennifer Rader)

People regularly pay it forward — it’s not uncommon for the person behind you in line to pay for your bill simply because they can.

When Franklin was hit with a flood in 2010, neighbors and businesses helped each other recover from the devastation.

Volunteers dismantle an old dog park to make way for the new dog park. (Credit: Jennifer Rader)

My daughter went to Jimmy Gentry’s summer camp for several years. When we wanted to do her 7-year-old portraits, she wanted them photographed at her favorite place, Gentry’s Farm. One phone call to Gentry was made and he welcomed us to his farm so that my daughter could get her special pictures made in the place she loved the most.

A thirsty dog drinks water from the local fountain at the dog park. (Credit: Jennifer Rader)